How to Skip School (and Get Away With It).

Gabe Kelly-Cragun, Writer

Imagine:a perfectly clear day, mid 70s, not a cloud in sight. The day is fresh and beautiful, and you couldn’t picture a better day to go hiking or just relax. But, it’s a Monday and you have school. So what do you do? Skip!

Skipping school is a time honored tradition for high school students. Each semester, Seniors get together and skip together to spend the day bonding. While not a school sanctioned event, it has been a long standing tradition to help destress for seniors. It’s the perfect chance for seniors to spend the day together. But not everyone is certain how to skip school successfully, so the Olympus is here to help you get out of your classes and out with friends.

The first step is ensuring that you pick a good date, similarly to picking dates to go on vacation with your family. Important things to make sure are true of the day you skip is a lack of tests, test prep, and important lessons. Make sure to check the weather though! Rainy days are the worst skip days, since you’re forced inside. So long as you don’t have any of those, you’re clear! Make sure to check with all your friends, too. Skipping alone is nice as a personal day, but it is risky. It is much better to be able to gather with friends than just sit at home for the day!

The real trick to skipping is making sure that you can sound like an adult. Calling right before school works best, since the attendance office is flooded with calls from parents excusing absences and tardiness. The less you have to talk to real people, the better. When talking to the office, make sure to be confident! If you’re confident, you can get away with anything. Remember, the staff will be expecting a parent to call. If you falter and waiver, it will raise red flags. The office can see the number you call from, and check it against their records so be certain you are confident!

Now, to the message you leave. Absences can only be counted as excused if it is for a state approved reason, as the voicemail will alert you. The best types of excuse to get out of the whole day without raising suspicions is a family emergency. However, some other good excuses include a family trip, an illness, a doctor/dentist appointment. Make sure you say you are your parent, and DO NOT waiver when you say this! Just calmly say you are your parent, state your chosen reason, and tell them that “your child” will be out of school for the whole day. After that, you should be good to go! Remember, this is not a guaranteed method to getting out without your parents getting called. The ultimate way to ensure that you won’t be caught is simply asking your parents if you can skip for the day and hang out with your friends. Not all parents will be okay with this, but if you’re lucky and make a strong case, you may be able to pull it off.

So, next time the day is clear and school is the farthest thing from your mind on a weekday, use this guide at your own risk. Skipping is risky, and the punishment can be harsh. It is important to weigh the risks versus the rewards. Skipping is not worth it if nothing is planned. No one wants to skip school for the day, do nothing, then get home to angry parents and return to school the next day to sit in detention for the day. But ultimately, the choice is yours to make.