New ASB officers are here!


Lauren Wilson, Writer

OHS students have just elected new leaders for their next school year. Are students even aware of what these leaders want to change? This upcoming year, the new ASB officers will be calling the shots. Find out what’s in store for the 2016-2017 school year. The graduating ASB president has some of his own advice along with the incoming officers that have some things they want to share.

Senior Devan Hollar has lead Olympia as ASB president for this past school year. Why did he originally want to be president? Devan says, “{I} wanted to take on a bigger role in the ASB class and represent my school. I wanted to create positive change and felt like becoming ASB president could help me achieve that.” Seeing that the 2016 school year was a successful one, Hollar certainly accomplished some amazing things through his presidency. One aspect Hollar says he is most proud of is, “Starting unified sports and getting that program up and running. And having it be sustainable and continued after I graduate.” Unified Sports is a program for the life skills students at Olympia that gives them the opportunity to play various team sports. Hollar and a few of his friends have coached and played with these students and organized games/tournaments for the team to participate in. In taking on such a large role at Olympia, Hollar says, “{I} learned a lot. I’ve improved a lot at public speaking and how to carry myself and think about my actions as I represent the school. I’ve learned how to take constructive criticism and deal with both controversy and adversity. And what it takes in more real world experiences to accomplish something.”

With Senior Hollar leaving OHS, two new officers are brought into action as we approach the 2016-17 school year. Olympia welcomes current Juniors, Hope Dorris as the new ASB Vice-President, and Jordan Jekel as our future ASB President. Though Hollar has been advising these two over the past few months he advises, “Definitely stay organized, but I’m not too worried about them, they’ll be a lot better at that then I was. Also try to impact change through personal connection. Don’t worry as much about the other stuff.”

Similar to Hollar, future president Jekel wanted to make an impact at OHS. Inspired by former 2015 ASB president Tyler Bonnell, Jekel wants to, “Make an impact like that, and so being president is a role where I could possibly have that same kind of influence he did. And also I really like being involved in ASB.” As the ripple effect continues, incoming vice president Dorris says, “It was about the positive impact I wanted to have.” Along with impact, Dorris wanted to take on, “Representation of different groups of people and bringing a different perspective into the offices of ASB to help reach a different demographic.” In every election scenario there are goals that candidates want to accomplish, for Jekel, she projects that a big goal for Olympia is, “Being open to change and working to implement changes that might be uncomfortable but are still positive. Overall just continuing to make a positive and welcoming environment.” One change that VP Dorris has in mind is to help out the various clubs at OHS. “I hope to focus on club outreach more. To help different clubs who might not have the funding or resources and help them develop projects they want to do.”

These two officers are excited about contributing to OHS next year, but with that arises some fear. Jekel and Dorris both agree that they are most nervous for the public speaking aspect of their positions, “I hate it”, admits Jekel. Dorris says, “It’s a lot of public attention and knowing how to deal with that, I’ve never been in that position before.” However, they are not the only ones who struggle with this fear. Hollar verifies, “Public speaking is not easy. But it definitely gets easier every time.” He shares some of his pre-assembly insight saying, “I just try not to go in with a terrible attitude. Have some energy, don’t be afraid to speak in front of adults, and for assemblies it seems like there’s a lot of people but a lot of the times talking in the microphone I would just look at my friends.” His final words were, “With public speaking it just got easier every single time.”

Next year, Hollar will be attending Santa Clara University in California and strive for a successful future. “I want to major in mechanical engineering. I want to find different clubs on campus, make new friends, and experience new stuff in college”, says Hollar. Though graduation can be a sad time for underclassmen, Olympia is in great hands as Jekel and Dorris are definitely ready to take on their roles and lead OHS this next school year.