Senior Sentiments and Freshman Regrets

Jordyn Aden and Nyssa Sterner

(Senior Sentiments) Before they go off and become doctors and lawyers and business executives, The Olynmpus have asked some Seniors to relfect with positive and negative opinions about their four years under the roof of OHS. Here, they lost water bottles and gained many friends.

Senior Sarathraj Rajendran thought that his experience at Olympia was a pretty good one. “People exaggerate how bad Oly is. I enjoy it very much,” he shares. Olympia High School, although it has it’s flaws like everything else in the world, seems to be a good school that gives students many opportunities. “The science and math classes made high school actually fun,” Senior Matt Rosen says. Alec Haag is also a senior at Olympia who was pretty satisfied with his high school experience. “[Olympia] has a good staff to help with problems and they are very nice,” he says.

Others note that Olympia’s classes, staff and environment have all contributed to these students’ experience in a positive way. “[Olympia High School] was an incredible example of the high school experience,” Senior Ben Riley remarks.

Yet, according to some Olympia High School students, there are a few things that could have been done to improve their experience. Among the suggested improvements was the idea to implement a school year with more holidays. Who wouldn’t enjoy five more spring breaks?

A few students also thought that easing up on the standardized testing would greatly improve students’ experience. “Eliminate the bureaucratic and inefficient learning system, especially standardized tests,” Senior Thomas Wohl suggests. In addition to less standardized testing, Matt would’ve liked to have less mandatory English classes. Senior Jack Steiner believes that the way problems are handled during assemblies could be improved.

Another complaint was based on the overcrowding of the hallways. “Lessen the number of students,” Alec laments. Or significantly widen the central hallways.  Congestion in the hallways is a notable problem that is commented on daily. Hopefully in the future the crowded hallway problems will be resolved.

Seniors, your high school days are almost over. Whether that’s good or bad news, you will all have a huge sum of memories to carry with you throughout the rest of your lives. Hopefully those memories include a few good ones that will put a smile on your face when you’re reminiscing about the good old days, …before you have to wake up, you need to make money…


(Freshman Regrets) Most upperclassmen look down on Freshmen. Let’s face it, it’s not that hard to get good grades in classes like Health and PE, and older students are sometimes bitter about how little homework Freshman receive. But for some, Freshman year has been a struggle for newbys adapting to more homework, stricter teachers, and fuller hallways. You make new friends in your classes and maybe lose some old friends due to just not seeing them. And, of course, the stress begins to build up as counselors force you to think about what you’re going to do after high school. That’s a prospect many students hadn’t seriously had to consider!

On the flip side, Freshman year can be a bit depressing knowing that your high school career is far from over. As we hit summer, there are still three more years of homework and tests to get through!

Despite all this, Freshman year can be fun as we make new friends, try out new sports and clubs, and have more freedom.

Freshman Max Mondress says that his favorite thing about high school is, “the freedom to do your own work and impose your own responsibility.” He doesn’t think that the homework is more than his middle school, NOVA. His favorite part of Freshman year was, going to Mt. Hood on the orchestra trip to a music festival competition. “It was a lot of good bonding with some cool kids and we just had a lot of fun playing and competing,” he said. Freshman Diana Giang said her favorite thing about Freshman year was, “meeting new people, because I like making new friends.” This is something that’ll happen in almost every grade, but especially in Freshman year you’ll meet so many new people from different schools and grade levels that you’ll be bound to make friends. When asked about her favorite part of Freshman year, Freshman Riley Young said the same thing: “I would honestly say getting to know so many great people!” She did say, however, that she wasn’t prepared: “I literally felt like it was going to be like the typical high school movies, but now I am actually enjoying it a lot more.”

Of course, with new experiences come regrets. Common things mentioned of those interviewed were study habits and grades. Mondress says, “I wish I could redo my geometry final, and study a little harder. I also wish I had made more plans during the first month of school. Maybe joining a club would’ve been a good idea too.” Since most Freshmen had never taken finals before, it was pretty rough trying to study for them with no idea of what was coming! Young said her biggest challenge was coming from a small school: “I knew everyone and now I know at least half or a quarter of my class.”

As for advice to future freshman, Giang says, “Don’t worry so much! It’s not as scary as you think. Just try your best.” Overall, most incoming freshman worry a lot for something that isn’t a huge deal. Just don’t make the upperclassmen angry, and DON’T go to prom. If you don’t do those things, you’ll have a great year!