Meghan Oehlerking, Writer

Every year, OHS hosts the annual Homecoming Dance and Football game, which are popular, but not always the dance. If asked, a fair portion of the student population would say they don’t plan on going to Into The Woods homecoming dance on October 15 and that they feel the game is better.


When asked, Sophomore Alima Curylo, said she did not have plans for the homecoming dance. “Because I just had a bad experience last year. And you don’t really do much at homecoming, you just sit and talk with your friends while some other people will dance.” On the topic of what they could do to improve homecoming, Curylo advised: “Not to have a lot of cops there to pat you down and everything. It gets kind of scary when you think about it.” Finally, the question of the game or the dance, Curylo agreed that the game is more fun. “Because it’s more action.”


Though Curylo says that homecoming isn’t too bad, others feel that it is over all “stupid.” One of these students is Sophomore Ian Rigg. Rigg did not have plans for homecoming and his reasoning is exactly “Because it’s stupid.” Rigg’s thoughts on homecoming are not all too great.”I think nearly everyone agrees that the before is better than the dance. You know when you meet up and go out for dinner and stuff.” Rigg’s opinions on improvement are better music and to sell food. Rigg will not go to homecoming next year.


While not every student likes the dance, it can be argued that the homecoming football game is more popular than the actual dance itself. ⅔ students surveyed say that the football game is more exciting and has a lot more hype than the dance. The game offers a performance and snacks and more options for interaction. Judging from students reactions, the opinions of the homecoming dance could change if homecoming were to have easier and less overbearing security and to be more exciting and have more activities other than just dancing and photos.