OHS Music Program


Caleb Wertz, Writer


Winter is the coldest and most hectic time of the year. The time for many holidays and leaving a year behind, but there is a particular community in Olympia High School working tirelessly this time of year. The music program.


This past December the two part annual Holiday Concert rolled around spreading Winter cheer to the Olympia community. The bands, orchestras, and choirs all had their noses to the grind as they cranked out catchy holiday tunes and cheerful noise. For the whole month they assembled their line up of songs and presented them at two packed concerts in our Performing Arts Center. The freshman musical groups all performed as well as the sophomore through senior mixed groups, which includes the best of Olympia’s musical forces teaming up to give us the Full Orchestra directed by Mr. Dyvig. This giant of a group displayed their musical talents in two separate concerts and at the Winter Assembly before the break.


While those groups toughed out the performances and rigorous practices leading up to the concerts, the Olympia High School Jazz Bands had multiple performances throughout the community. The entire week leading up to Winter Break the jazz performers had concerts during the day at many different areas for different groups of people such as the Rotary Club of Olympia. The members of the group could be seen dressed in their snazzy concert black around school in the final week before break due to their performances that they had to leave in the middle of the day for. Freshman percussionist, Erin Pamplin, stated that the “music groups do get really stressful, but it’s the performances that make the band who we are.”


Now that we’ve waved goodbye to 2016 the music programs have still been working to prepare music for performances. The Symphonic Band featured at the University of Washington Band Day with other top groups from around the state. Our ever talented Full Orchestra has been working on new music since early January and are putting on a concert of their own to display the pieces of music they’ve been preparing. Sophomore Thomas Ogren, viola player in the Full Orchestra said that the group has been “working hard to bring the best of the three categories of the music groups together.” These beautiful groups display the dedicated practice time the musical programs at Olympia put in, and show the true talent of the Bears. Not to mention, the Pep Band has been reassembled in January and have been providing school spirit and hype to the basketball season. This includes the Unified Basketball Team Pack the Gym night earlier in the first month.

With the second semester in full swing now, the music groups are working away and looking ahead to Spring concerts as the Winter season slowly comes to an end. They will continue to put forth effort and show the diligent nature of the Oly Bears. The competitive season is coming up for these groups and there’s no doubt that they’ll work hard and bring home phenomenal results for our school.