High School dating : the downside

Dylan Robischon, Writer

It’s February, and the disgusting scent of love is in the air. For everyone not in a relationship during this time of year, here’s a list of all the cons of dating in high school because let’s face it, you can’t let other people enjoy things in their relationship while you get nothing out of it. Here’s a list of things you can look at that might make you feel a little better about being alone.


High School relationships won’t make it past senior year – Less than 2% of married couples are NOT from high school

That’s right – you and your partner right now are probably not gonna last past senior year, let alone six months. Relationships are cute and fun while they last in high school, but your breakup is inevitable. And by the way, that person you’re dating right now is most likely not “the one” but pretend all you want. Sorry


They’re stressful on top of everything else you have to do in high school

         Look. If you can balance a good social life, relationship, good grades, and whatever hobbies you do, then great. But for many that’s a lot of pressure to keep up with all of it. Sometimes having less obligations is better at this age. So for now just relax, and watch some romcoms strictly for criticism. Because if you’re reading this list right now, then criticizing other’s happiness might be your best idea of building your self worth.

When you breakup, you’re stuck with them for the rest of high school

That makes it much harder to move on. It doesn’t matter how good of terms you and your ex ended on, no matter what you’re most likely just gonna need some time away from them to move on. A lot of people are able to still remain good friends with their former partner. But in some cases, it makes it a bit awkward if you have to be around them for the remainder of your high school years. Or maybe you two will work it out. Who knows.

If you do PDA in the hallways, chances are everyone probably hates you

Because no one wants to watch your freshman self making out with your senior partner. “PDA is about as nasty as putting pineapple on your pizza, and I don’t say that lightly” says sophomore Jude Edwards. If you admit to liking pineapple on pizza, that’s essentially saying that you’re just ok with PDA. Not only is it annoying to see from a single student’s eye, it’s also just weird. You guys are not cute. So please for the sake of everyone else, stop. You’re only hurting yourselves at this point. If being such an annoyance to everyone else doesn’t bother you AT ALL, then take your egocentric and disrespectful conscious and please shove it in your rear. sophomore Alex Paul says “PDA makes people triggered and uncomfortable, and nobody likes it when you and your dumb significant other are licking faces in the hallway. Take it behind a bleacher like any normal person.”

So please don’t waste your time worrying about being single. It’s hard to do so when you see the disgusting acts of PDA and couples everywhere out in public. But when those instances occur, just look at them and think to yourself “Well at least everyone doesn’t hate me since I’m not as overtly stupid and inconsiderate as those people” then continue walking.