Music Scene


Taj Eggleston, Reporter

Olympia High School is full of talented and fascinating musicians, some part of band, choir, or orchestra, and some who just like to rock out on their own.


Recently, we had the opportunity to hear Senior Ben Kogut, a.k.a. Protajus, perform at an assembly. As a rapper, he highly enjoys the poetry aspect of music and incorporating it into song. He began playing piano when he was five, and ever since, he’s had a strong fascination with music, favoring the more old school hip hop and rap genres. He unofficially started in the eighth grade, and began taking it more seriously last year in february. Getting started, he faced lots of self doubt and doubt from others, however, he was able to overcome it, and has a great time doing what he loves doing. He urges new musicians to be themselves and not let society tell them what to do. He feels his performance at the assembly could have been better in some areas, but chooses not to get down on himself about it. Overall, he really enjoyed performing, and certainly plans to continue in the future. This was his fourth time performing in front of a live audience. Protajus performed once at his 8th grade graduation, once in the summer, and the third time was the night before the assembly, not giving him much time to prepare. At home, he uses a Zoom Mic, and his friend’s recording studio to record his songs. He can be found on youtube as “Protajus”, and his first mixtape will be out some time in December. Keep an eye out for shows.


Band member Junior Riley Fleming has been playing saxophone for five years, and in band for four. He plays piano and bass guitar on the side, and enjoys listening to jazz, classical and bluegrass. He enjoys band due to the large selection of great music and musicians. Aside from the school band, he’s played in the Johnny Lewis Band, and currently plays in the Fon Morcus Jazz Band. Fon Morcus was the drummer in Johnny Lewis’s band for around forty years, before Johnny passed away. Morcus then started the jazz band, keeping most of the original members, along with Riley. These experiences sparked his love for jazz and the feeling of being in a band. Riley practices saxophone around one and a half to two hours a day, and urges new musicians to practice a lot at home and get lessons if possible. He plans to study at Berklee School of Music, and eventually go on to teach band or saxophone.


For five years, Sophomore Ellsia Gonzalez has been playing the flute in band. She enjoys flute due to its beautiful sound and the melodious parts she’s assigned. She plays fifteen different instruments, consisting of woodwinds, brass and percussion on the side, as well. Her sister played the flute as well, and has had a lasting influence on her. She also gained lots of inspiration from Libby Walter, a band member from the class of 2017, who inspired her to play out and do her best. She practices around five hours a day, and enjoys the variety of music band has to offer. Outside of band, she enjoys listening to pop. Her goals are to finish band in high school, study music in college and eventually teach music. The next band concert is November 1st in the PAC.