Costumes at OHS


Alex Snow, Reporter

It’s that time of year again! Halloween, the night of spooks, scares, sweet treats, and creepy costumes! The costumes are arguably the most important part of the holiday. Even at OHS, costumes are loved. “I think it’s a great idea to wear special clothing on holidays,” senior Conrad Fischer says, “They allow students freedom in clothing as well as holiday spirit.” There’s no actual way that OHS specifically celebrates halloween. “It’s seen as a side event, not really a big deal,” senior Collin Fanning says. That would be because Olympia High School administration generally doesn’t do anything with it. “There’s really no official recognition, it’s more of a student led thing,” Graduation specialist Anthony Brock says.

However, some students, Like Colin, say that some of Olympia High School’s administration is “very… against” students wearing their costumes during school hours. Is this true, though? In reality, the actual ruling is that you can wear costumes, so long as your face is not covered. That means you can’t wear face masks, or have excessive amounts of face paint. “Things that will always be a big no would be things like a mask that covers the face,” Mr. Brock says. Otherwise, you have full reign on what costumes you wear, as long as it’s within reason. Conrad said “Unless specified on holidays, the administration doesn’t want special clothing on campus.” There are also limits on how far you can go, even on halloween. “As long as the costumes are appropriate along the lines of school policy… that is to say, we wouldn’t allow a kid to come dressed as a bottle of alcohol, for example,” Gordon Chamberlain, Dean of Students says. “Otherwise, students can be creative and have fun as long as it’s safe.”

A large part of what is allowed is how much of a distraction the costume is. “As long as there’s no disruption, there’s no problem,” Mr. Chamberlain says. “Administration really doesn’t get too involved with the costumes,” Mr. Brock says, “If it abides by the dress code, and doesn’t cause a huge disruption.” Basically that means don’t wear something that has flashing lights, or makes it difficult to sit down. Sometimes, distractions aren’t a bad thing, they can actually be necessary to deal with the monotony of regular high school life. “I think it does present a distraction, but we need some distractions from time to time to have a little fun in life,” Mr. Chamberlain says.

So what are the reasons for these restrictions being here? “It’s a safety issue, to some extent, when students come with masks on,” Mr. Chamberlain says. He’s right, school administration does need to be able to tell who’s who. If something were to happen, staff would need to know who was in trouble. But is administration being too controlling by asking this of students? Mr. Chamberlain doesn’t think so. “It’s reasonable, creativity is encouraged at Oly.” Mr. Brock has a similar outlook on the situation. “I don’t know how else they would act.” Neither one of them believes that the rules should be changed. “If there’s a specific issue, there might be a need for students to talk with the office beforehand,” Mr. Brock says. Conrad also agrees. “It is understandable for normal clothing to be required on regular school days. However, special clothes should be available on holidays.”

So go ahead with your costumes, on days like halloween, costumes can be a great thing. Just don’t go overboard, and everybody can have fun.