Guitar Club


Taj Eggleston, Reporter


We all know how it goes; the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift, but what’s really going on in Mr. Baker’s room during bear time A?


Guitar club is a place for people of all skill levels to go to play or learn guitar, alongside a variety of musicians. Junior Sam Heer describes it as “inclusive to everyone with different skill levels, from not knowing how to play guitar to being able to play like a pro.” She urges people to never give up and constantly practice, saying, “You always gotta start from scratch with everything you do and if you really are passionate about guitar or any instrument or anything in general, you have to take your time and be willing to learn new things and practice on them.” Aside from guitar, Sam enjoys other instruments in the string family, such as ukulele, bass and piano. The club members are usually either playing together in small groups, taking turns playing in a circle, or simply singing along. There is always at least one person available to teach, and everyone gives their support, making guitar club a very welcoming and inclusive environment.


When asked what she liked about guitar club, Senior Athena Mapp said “I really like that we’re very supportive of everyone, because music takes a lot of work and practice, and it’s not easy. We get really loud sometimes, but that can be fun, too.” She’s been playing guitar for around 4 to 5 years, and enjoys playing softer acoustic songs, as well as other instruments like piano and violin. Guitar can be a difficult instrument to play, and takes lots of practice. Athena’s advice for new guitarists, is: “Just take your time and have fun with it! It takes a lot of practice, and you can go at your own pace. Remember that everyone starts at the beginning, and we were all terrible at some point, so you’re fine.” Whether someone has been playing for years, or just starting, it doesn’t matter. Everyone gets to play, and everyone gets the club’s support. If someone doesn’t feel like playing, then they can still have a great time singing along and listening to others play, or simply just hanging out. She’d like to see the club keep it’s positive atmosphere, and possibly perform at assemblies like they did last year.


“It’s a place where a bunch of musicians hang out. It’s just a great place. Only wish we could turn on the instruments louder,” says Junior Anthony Delgado. There are always people who are just learning that come and have a great time. It’s hard to be around musicians, and watch them play for a half an hour to sometimes even a full hour, without learning at least one thing. Even as an experienced musician, people find themselves learning something new every bear time. Anthony’s advice for new musicians is: “Be persistent, it’s impossible for like the first two months, when you get comfortable on the instrument is when you get better. Also, try not to stick to one style, be diverse, playing one every day isn’t making you much better.”  


Out of all the instruments to revolve a club around, why guitar? What makes it so special? Sam answers this with: “What I really like about the guitar is that it can replace a whole orchestra because it can mimic other instruments such as cello or violin.” Athena describes guitar as “really fun to play, and easy to start. It also sounds good pretty much no matter what.” Guitar covers a wide variety of genres and play styles, which adds to its inclusiveness. And Guitar club isn’t just diverse when it comes to experience. People come with lots of different types of guitars and stringed instruments, as well as different playing styles and music tastes. Some bring acoustic guitars, others bring electric, and some even bring instruments like ukuleles or bass guitars. Some musicians like playing hard rock, while others like a more soft acoustic sound.