The Olyway Show

Lia Freeman, Reporter

“Today we have an episode of the Oly Way Show.” Instead of the announcements, twice this year we have been treated to episodes of Olympia’s come back series The Oly Way Show, created by Mr. Garret, reported by Kelan Moorad, and hosted by Owen Timms.  Branching off from last year’s Olympia News Network from 2017, this year’s show was created to encourage Olympia High Schools morals and tech the community about our school’s history.

 Mr. Garret presented the idea of making the show to ASB in the beginning of the year. The host and reporter spots were instantly volunteered by Owen Timmes and Kelan Moorad. “Owen likes the spotlight and we’re best friends so we talked to Mr. Garret about it and he said “sure””. says Kelan junior. In the first episodes they also doubled as the Salty and Pepper, the show’s hero and villain. “The team that puts it together is Kelan and I, Logan Larock, Jonny Labranch, and the ASB.  It’s mainly Mr. Garret. Sometimes we’ll ask random people in the hall, but they usually say no.” says Owen junior. To make each episode the team brainstorms, and creates storyboards, films intros, conducts interviews, records voice overs, films out shows, and edits, which can take a little over a week including weekends. Due to the hard work and lengthy progress there aren’t any specific deadlines for the episodes. “We’d hoped that an episode would be done every other wednesday, but it’s hard to keep up with content and leadership, so we’re doing our best to show an episode every two to three weeks.” says Kelan. “We want the product to be good.” states Owen.

  The content of each episode is actually suggested by the administration who are looking for a way to promote positive changes.  Faculty members will come to Mr. Garret about issues in our school, and he presents them to the team to figure out a humorous way to appeal to students about finding solutions. Due to this, both reporter and host aren’t releasing any future plans for future episodes because it all depends on what the faculty see, both promise they will be good though! Owen hopes for future episodes they will be able to film lots of students and staff. (Lots of our students are camera shy apparently. Kelan wants to interview Mr. Grant for his very famous rapping skills.  As a quick note to the future, neither host nor reporter wants to go into reporting as a career. “No” laughs Owen. “This is a one time thing. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought though. Because both guys are in their junior year, there are hopes that the Oly Way Show will be a success this year and progress into next year.