Catherine McIntosh, Reporter

October 31st, the day kids dress up as the freakiest creatures and go door to door begging strangers for sweets that will eventually cause dental issues in their adult years while chanting a phrase that doesn’t make sense. As odd as it may seem, Halloween is celebrated by most in America and it is also incorporated into other cultures as well. Some celebrate by bobbing for apples, going through a haunted house, throwing a spooktacular party, or watching the most haunting movies. Olympia High Schools students aren’t any different in this as a few partake in the same activities as others around them.

America in particular is very devoted to the celebration that rolls around once every year, especially with the amount of sweets that are provided. According to Popsugar’s Macy Cate Williams, “Every Halloween, 600 million pounds of candy is sold in America”. Halloween is loved by many Americans and Senior Markos Moore is no exception. When he is asked if he celebrates Halloween he replies excitedly, “I do, every year. I love Halloween!”. Not just that, but Moore loves everything that surrounds this holiday, saying that he likes, “…the spooky vibe…” that Fall brings with it. Moore has been celebrating Halloween every year with his family and says that the reason he loves it so much is because of how you grow closer with those around you, “That feeling of being scared, it kind of brings you closer together to the people you are with. You’ve been through something with them even though it’s not traumatic or anything”. Moore and his family even have a unique family tradition that comes around on Halloween that involves a pumpkin carving competition since Moore believes firmly that, “…you’ve got to carve pumpkins”. The tradition challenges his family members to engrave the coolest designs on their pumpkins and whoever has the best carving going on gets a prize. Moore says that, “we post the competition on Facebook and whoever wins gets $20.” The only thing Moore won’t spill about his Halloween adventures is that of what his costume will be this year, “It’s a secret; a surprise.” he says with a grin.

Some students have a less clear image of what they will be going as this year or are very open to ideas. Senior Ella Cruz says she is unsure of what she will be going as. “I’ll probably go as a Fortnite character because my brother wants me to. It’s whatever.” she says with a laugh. In past Halloweens, Cruz has gone for scarier characters. When she was asked what her favorite costume was from previous Halloweens she replied proudly, “I dressed up as Harley Quinn and loved it. It was fantastic”. Her days of Trick-or-Treating are over though as she believes she is too old for that particular part of the 31st of October. Cruz now spends her Halloween nights indoors, “…I watch horror movies.” she says as she rattles off her ten out of ten, would recommend movies, which include Get out, Cabin in the Woods, and District 9.

Trick-or-Treating can be the funnest part about Halloween. Kids get to dress up and get free candy just by saying the simple phrase “Trick-or-Treat!” while holding out their empty pillowcases or buckets expectantly. While Senior Malia Igoe hasn’t gone Trick-or-Treating in the past couple of years, she says she hasn’t given up on the idea completely, “I might do it again. There’s no age restriction!” she says grinning. Just like Cruz, Igoe spends her Halloween nights inside with some of the best Halloween worthy movies Hollywood has to offer, “It’s kind of a family tradition for us to watch spooky movies”. Igoe recommends Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, and Corpse Bride for anyone interested in a fun family activity on Halloween night.

The 31st of October falls on a Wednesday this year but don’t let that school night keep you from going all out this Halloween! Get a group together and start creating memories or continue a long held family tradition. If you don’t have one yet, it’s never too late to start one up!