Bella Adderlyy, Reporter

It’s that time of year again when the most stressful question is, will I be asked to homecoming? Why is homecoming a tradition? According to the article “History of Homecoming”, homecoming got its start on college campuses as a fall celebration of the first football game of the season, for which alumni would return to their alma mater. Although most early homecomings date back to the turn of the century, there’s some debate over which school actually began the tradition. Whatever the truth of its origins, homecoming spread throughout the country and into high schools in the early parts of the century. It developed along the way a number of signatures, including a parade with floats, the central football game, a dance in the evening, and the election of a homecoming court. Truly the best thing about homecoming is the level of school spirit.

This years homecoming theme is “Home Sweet Homecoming”. Carson Trobaugh (Sophomore) says, “ I think this year’s theme is okay but I wished that the “Secret Garden” theme had gotten picked.” After talking to Carson about her past homecoming experience her freshman year, it was evident that the dance was expected to have a more mature feeling and expectations were high coming from middle school. However, with her expectations, Carson felt as though the dance her freshman year felt like a “fancy middle school dance.” Many high schoolers, not just Carson, feel as though their high school homecoming experience should reflect that of a teen romance movie’s homecoming, when in reality, teachers and the ASB class are expected to throw a homecoming that will be a safe and comfortable place for all crowds of students all while keeping the classy, mature feeling that students desire.

Another event that adds to the homecoming feel for most students that go is making a sign and asking your potential hoco date if they would like to go to the dance with you. For some, this adds to the experience and serves as an official tell to everyone else that you are off the market when it comes to homecoming dates. Though some students enjoy the thrill and anticipation of getting asked with a giant sign and a fistful of beautiful flowers, Cecile Heimburg (Freshman) enjoys the intention and intimacy of being asked face to face. She believes that “she doesn’t need a spectacle when being asked to homecoming and [she] would prefer to have a nice moment between her and her date when being asked.”

Regardless of the theme or whether or not students prefer to get asked with balloons, a big poster, candy, and flowers, homecoming is a time for the school to show their pride, courage, and tradition together, gives students an excuse to dress fancy, and allows the student body to be a part of something that they can share with their peers and community. It is everyone’s intentions to have a great time with friends, all while making good choices, of course!

Congratulations to the 2018 Homecoming Court!


          Emily Ferguson

          Amanda Meier

          Zach Skoog

          Evan Walker


         Charles Barzyk

         Ruby Gruber


         Morgan Heimann

         Sam Stanley


         Anna Dragt

         Hunter Irish

Don’t forget to save the date for October 20th!