Bear with us: Bearzaar 2019


Fiona Murphy, Reporter

On November 17th, members of the Olympia Community gather together to celebrate Olympia culture and support small-town businesses at the Bearzaar. The Bearzaar was held at Olympia High School from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m, on Saturday, November 17, 2018. Many different items were sold by different groups around the school like some students sold things like pretzels, homemade aprons, or Bear Wear to fundraise for different clubs or sports. For example, the Wrestling Team sold Bear Cards so they could pay for hotel rooms and meals for the team when they go away to big events.

One of the best things about the Bearzaar is all of the unique things it offers. From jams, aprons, plant – salves, pot holders, and candles, there are so many different things that are sold at the Bearzaar. “I come here every year for the honey. The best kind is the Wildweed honey. I love it! I came here at 8 a.m., I even paid the extra $5 to come this early. I went down to the honey stand and he had eleven jars of honey. I bought them all and loaded them into my car” said Carolyn Sanchez, a customer at the Bearzaar. Olympia Bearzaar has such a wide range of things available. People from all over come to the Bearzaar to sell items for their organization.

One of the most original pieces that were sold at the Bearzaar was produced by Loree Ryan. She had set up shop at the right gym door. She sold some items from her nursery. “I started coming to the Bearzaar and selling my bits about six years ago. At least, I think it was six years ago. I’ve been coming here so long, I forgot when I started!” comments Loree Ryan, a businesswoman at the Bearzaar, with a chuckle. “The Bearzaar is such a wonderful celebration of Olympia culture, and it’s the highlight of my year!” Ryan says. For many small business owners, the Bearzaar is their biggest chance to spread their message and gain new customers. It’s an amazing opportunity. However, it takes a lot for small business owners to get their business a spot at the Bearzaar. The spots are very competitive and lots of groups want to get in.

A large portion of the booths at the Bearzaar was used for students selling things for their various clubs. “Money that students collect from their sales end up being used for clubs, sports teams, [they] support equity, and [help out the] certain activities [that are] sponsored. Students sell things for their clubs and sports teams. For example, the girl’s soccer sold goofy foot pretzels, and literary magazine sold some of their books.” says Mrs. Hayes, the ASB secretary for Olympia High School. The Bearzaar is fantastic for many reasons, but one of the reasons is because it assists students in raising money for their various clubs or groups.The money the students raise can help pay for items needed for their club. The Bearzaar wouldn’t be possible without Kathy Thompson. She organized the Bearzaar this year and she’s very vital to the creation of the Bearzaar.

The Bearzaar is the ultimate celebration of Olympia culture – students, members of the community, small business owners, and administrators gather to celebrate the wonderful city of Olympia and everything unique and wonderful about it.