It’s The End of The World and We Know it….


Carys Maynard, Reporter

Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre proposed that “Every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness and dies by chance.”. Well, perhaps that’s the case for some, but one may be curious as to what the students of this school would do if tomorrow was their last day. One may question the ethics of such a survey, however this is all speculative and nothing indicative of an actual doomsday. 41 people were asked and a myriad of answers were told. From ransacking malls and other more extreme illegal activities to spending the last moments of life with family, it is a bit too clear that the students of this school have thought about this before.

Some trends did appear with 6 out of 41 students proclaiming they would partake in some sort of illegal activity, and another 6 choosing to stay with their family. Something perhaps slightly comforting is that aside from a couple trends, many people gave unique and specific  answers; ranging from getting a tattoo to watching the sun set. Elijah Martin, a sophomore, for instance, claims he’d “Make a movie.”, which sounds rather vague, but promising.  Caden Roth, a freshman,  replies in a monotone voice that he’d “Play 8 ball.”.  Whatever that means. Silas Bigelow, a freshman, says that “[He] would “borrow” his dad’s car and drive all the way to Texas…”  Kenneth  Dinyuy, a senior, replied at first “I’d spend all of my money, which have I none so… I’d go home and eat as much food as possible.” He then changed his mind, saying “I’d would tell my crush I like ‘em.” With this variety of answers from whimsical to somber, it is comforting to know that at least these students wouldn’t die sheepeople.   Another aspect of the questionnaire was what music would people listen to. Again there was a variety of answers, from Air1 to 80’s rock and AfterpartY. Rather than contemplate how much power humans can never wield against the universe, at least you can control what the last thing you will listen to, aside from the screams of the hysterical and the ravings of those crazy people with cardboard signs talking about how the end is nigh. Let’s hope the reception’s alright. At the end of the day, we don’t know when we will die, be it twenty years or twenty minutes. What is an interesting part of human nature is that we are aware of our own existence and are conscious of our own mortality and still wake up everyday with the courage to exist. To quote Monsieur Sartre again “Everything has been figured out, except how to live”. So live a life you’d what to be remembered for, even though eventually everyone you know will fade away to obscurity with enough time.