OHS Jobs


Catherine McIntosh, Reporter

There is some debate when it comes to the topic of having a job as a highschooler. Is it too time consuming? Is is necessary in order to gain work experience? And most importantly, does having a job interfere with school work and good grades? These are all questions that are discussed in depth when the subject arises. Here at OHS, being a working student is almost normal, even encouraged and many think that there are more benefits to it than disadvantages.

Senior Trew McCully has had two jobs during his high school career. He currently works at Indian Summer Golf and Country Club and has been for the past five months. His previous job, which he worked at for three months, was at Occasions Catering where he was in charge of cleaning the dishes. With around 8 months of working experience under his belt, McCully has come to believe that having a job is necessary. He states, “I work about eight to twelve hours a week and

if I didn’t have my job, I wouldn’t be able to pay for my gas tomorrow”. When he was asked about the pros of having a job as a highschooler, he instantly answered, “It provides great learning opportunities”.

Junior Anastasia Martin has similar thoughts. She has been working at Menchies for the last two months and previous to this job, she worked at Sonic for three months. Even with less experience than McCully, Martin believes that having a job, “…teaches you how to ‘do’ a job and it gives great experience”. She also believes that a job, “…helps with becoming independent.” stating that it is a great way to get started on paying for college. “I highly recommend a job for students!” she says with a laugh.

Sophomore Grace Wilhelm hasn’t had the chance to get a job, saying, “I’m not old enough to drive myself to work yet and I have a super busy schedule”. Even without the experience, Wilhelm sees the benefits to having a job as a high schooler, “It teaches you great life skills and you are making money for yourself”. It seemed that the main positive thought expressed was the experience that a job provides and how it gives a student the ability to afford their own wants and needs without having to rely on others.

There were, of course, also a few negatives voiced in the conversation. Martin expressed concern when it came to school work and grades. She states, “If you have a job and are failing classes, then you should start focusing on your school work and not your job”. Wilhelms statement is similar, saying, “If the job is time consuming, it could affect grades because of the amount of homework given each night and people could fall behind in one or more classes”.

McCully brought up how a job could get in the way of “…family time and other responsibilities.” while also mentioning how “Life becomes more planned. You have to plan around your job and you need to learn to be flexible”. OHS Students seem to have very similar feelings about this topic which puts the importance of these factors into perspective.

Jobs provide money which can give a high schooler a lot of freedom to do the things they enjoy. They can go out and buy the newest Supreme gear or they can catch a movie with their friends anytime they want. It also provides a great pathway to get started on saving for college educations, cars, and future vacations. The opportunities are endless once money is in the picture.