Avengers 4

Gideon Borean, Editor

One of the most anticipated movies in the world is quickly approaching completion, and all the while it seems like the day we’ll actually be able to watch it couldn’t be farther away. At this point in time the Russo brothers yet untitled Avengers 4 film has put much of the world on the edge of their seats, especially considering the highly agitating end of their previous film Avengers: Infinity War ™ . You would think that after killing off half of their cinematic universe the Russo brothers would leap at the chance to start stirring up fans for the next film, overloading the public with promotions and concept art. But instead they seem to be initiating a 23-19 lockdown on any and all information that has to do with the upcoming movie. The funny thing is their ‘twisted teasing’ seems to be proving far more effective than any traditional advertisement would have.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo are taking an unorthodox approach in promoting the final film for phase 4, the highly anticipated—and dreaded—finale of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. On September 19th, the Russo brothers posted on their twitter feed a black and white picture of a Joe Russo on a green screen set piece woking on his laptop with the taunting caption of two words, “Look hard…”. Later in an interview the Russo’s stated that this picture was in fact a giant hint, explaining that everything we needed to discover the title was in the cryptic image. Now this small comment sparked all sorts of conversations on the topic of the film’s possible events, the title and how things are going to unfold on the big screen. Some commentators claim that you can spot the word ENDGAME cleverly spelt out in certain objects in the image. Another common theory is that the title might be AVENGERS: ASSEMBLE, drawing their conclusion from a cleverly placed a-frame ladder and easel seen in the image. Could it all just be coincidence or overactive imagination? Well, at this point nothing has been confirmed by the illusive directors.

Only a couple of weeks ago the brothers released a second little clue. This image was released shortly after filming for the untitled Avengers movie was finished. Simply captioned as “Wrapped”, this new hint is far more cryptic than the last, featuring an overexposed, glowing blue, rectangular box that so far has very few sensible explanations. The biggest theory is that the image is of a box containing an artificially made superhero from the comics named Adam Warlock. The basis for this guess comes from the brief nod to the character which can be seen at the very end of the second Guardians of the Galaxy ™  film. However, there remains one major hole in this theory, Adam was previously decided to be a major character in the third Guardians film (hence the easter egg in the second movie), but shortly after the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 ™ , director James Gunn, was fired from the project, putting the future of the franchise on an indefinite suspension. So, the question then is, if Warlock is still going to be involved in Avengers 4, how will they make this happen and what is going to be done to continue the character if his future role with the Guardians is indefinitely suspended?