Hallway Etiquette


Parker Teters, Reporter

Olympia High School has a big traffic problem, and it doesn’t have to do with cars. Over the past few years as the school size has continually grown larger and larger, the hallways reflectively have become more and more cramped and it’s not helped by the habits of some students.

Olympia High School has surpassed its maximum capacity for some years and with

a total of over 1,900 students, the hallways have become bloated, slowed, and stagnant. The worst points for these stalls happen at the junction between hall one and two and can extend all the way to the even more crowded junction of Hall three, four, and the main stairs leading down to the cafeteria. These two focal points can even backup all the way down the main hall into one another furthering the problem. This makes a simple walk from room 103 to room 404 an absolute nightmare to complete as your walking at a snail’s pace through the entire hallway, and at time, completely stopping.

Along with the major clogging points there’s the less than desirable habits of those that are less versed in hallway etiquette. The big junctions are bad but paired with a group of two, three of even more people standing in the middle blocking dozens if not hundreds of students trying to make it through to their next class. Aidan Lally, a senior says “people always stand in the middle if the hallways and block people, people just congregate”. This makes the already irritating job of traversing the halls more difficult as you’re forced to navigate around large clusters of people while surrounded by a hundred other kids each squeezing around one another.

The easiest way for everyone to make the halls an easier way to navigate are simply to step to the side when having a conversation. Paul Duncan, a senior really doesn’t see the difficulty of the idea, “Walk and talk off to the sides of the halls” and Lally agrees it’s easy, saying “they could talk while they walk to class”.

However there’s possible hope for improvement in the future. According to the school district’s school improvement bond project page on their website, a two story building in what will have been the student parking, four new science rooms near the existing science classrooms and a new music room are expected to begin construction next summer. These new extensions of the school will hopefully help redistribute the load of students navigating the hallways by spreading out the flow of students. Rather than having a large amount of classrooms in one place, having all students take the same cramped routes, the spreading out will likely encourage new, alternative routes that overall, will reduce future traffic backups. Harry Boo, a senior thinks it might be able to, but is hesitant, “Everyone still needs to pass through the same hallways, but it will probably reduce the traffic in the side hallways”. However we’ll need to wait til the buildings are complete, however the buildings aren’t planned to be completed by August of 2020 so we’ll need to make due until then.