Saying Goodbye

Officer Curtright’s last days at Olympia High


Sola Williams, Reporter


After five years of being a School Resource Officer at Oly, Officer Curtright is retiring. He was born in December of 1966 in Southbend, WA. He was hired at age 22 by the City of Mt. Lake Terrace, he was one of 300 applicants and finished third. His dad, Bill Curtright, was chief and the motivation to his career, he was a Commander at the Olympia Police department from 1973 to 1997, but he retired as their ‘acting chief’. His wife, Michelle, is an executive at state farm and he has two cats, Harley and Rocky.

Curtright stated “I feel like life is too short,” and “Why not try something else that’s fun as well.” He was assigned schools full time and big events on weekends, one of the hardest parts of his job is that he has 10 big schools that he has to keep in order. Before he was assigned schools only, there was this one case that he couldn’t forget. A person’s phone was stolen and found on craigslist on the west side of Washington and a citizen thought it would be a good idea to set-up a meeting. Things started going sideways and shots were fired so he had to go to the hospital to collect evidence (like clothing and the bullet) and take pictures. There were too many doctors in the way inside the operation room while he was outside, so the surgeon who was going to do the operation offered him scrubs to wear to be able to watch from the operation room. It leads to his first time in the operation room while a person was being operated on. Officer Curtright had a huge impact on our school and community, “I feel like the students like me,” and so many students and staff were sad to find out that the rumor about him leaving is true.

Many people said that they would be glad to see him go, but hate to see him leave. The students and staff are all happy and proud of him but he will be missed. But there are some students he made a bigger impact on, a student stated “He helped me through a rough stage in my life and made a huge impact in my life, he made me and other students feel safe and he was very supportive and understanding. I’m glad he’s getting the break he deserves but he will be hard to replace.”

Wendy Rae (Principal’s Secretary) said: “We can replace the position, but not the person.” Officer Curtright has been described as supportive, friendly, social, helpful, and ready to retire by his fellow staff and students. Officer Curtright states “Once I got here, I really liked the kids here at Oly, I saw a true Fam-OLY”, and so many of the students and staff feel the same way about him. Curtright stated that he knows it will take some getting used to when a new officer comes but he knows it wouldn’t escalate to the point where they end up getting T-shirts saying “You’re NOT Curtright!” In his spare time, he likes to work out, take long walks, and travel. After retiring he plans on going to Hawaii in January and afterward, just taking a break and relaxing with his family. Later on, he might even want to volunteer or get a part-time job here. He would rather be with his family than making money or spending time alone.