Legacy of Stan Lee


Who was Stan Lee? He was a writer, editor, and publisher that had a wild imagination. Most people know his name, and almost everyone knows of his creations. With his imagination, Stan Lee made Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and many others.  He first made comics, such as The Fantastic Four made in 1961,and then those became so popular that they were turned into movies. Stan Lee has made a huge impact on society as a whole through his lifetime and he sadly passed away on November 12th, 2018.

Stan Lee’s works have been read and watched by millions and have impacted many generations. Some generations grew up reading his comics and were affected that way. Newer generations now are most likely watching the movies that are based off characters that he made. Of course with his comics and movies people have their favorites. Mark Zarate, a leadership and viscom teacher, said that, Captain America Winter Soldier is my favorite,” and he said the reason behind that was that, “it is just a great movie that focuses more on the story than the giant set pieces of the Avengers and the like”. Mikey Scafe, a senior, said that her favorite movie is “Spiderman: Homecoming”. Her reason for that was that, “Tom Holland’s Peter just feels like a regular teen dealing with wanting to be more”. Stan lee was very talented at making his characters personable and relatable. Scafe added that, “Marvel superheroes have something that every superhero needs and that’s humanity. Every character has flaws, not a single one is universally liked”. The way that most superheroes came from a normal background and then became superheroes helped to make the characters believable and easier to relate to. Also, it made it so some kids thought that they could also become a superhero when they grew up. They just had to be themselves to become a hero.  These movies are now some of the most well known movies. The Marvel movies are the most franchised movies and have accumulated billions of dollars.

What did Stan Lee do when he created his world? Has he had an impact on society? With his imagination he made a place that had everyday people become superheroes that saved the day. Some people grew up in his comics world and others grew up in the Marvel movies world were they could escape to and imagine what the world would be like with superheroes. Paul Rae, a calculus and statistics teacher, said, “Stan Lee impacted what pop culture is”. Superheroes became huge after his comics started to get recognized. He made the idea that anyone can become a hero, because of how he made his characters and what their background was. His characters are known around the world. Scafe said, “the characters he created are instantly recognizable, before I ever became interested in Marvel I could tell you all about who Tony Stark and Bruce Banner were because they were so prevalent in American culture”. Also the world that he made was easy to get absorbed into. Zarate said “escapism and entertainment are paramount for a healthy life” which is exactly what Stan Lee allowed people to do because of how immersive the world he made is.

Stan Lee has made a huge impact on society as a whole through his lifetime. His legacy will keep going by his creations and works. They will be read and watched for more generations to come.