Pack The Gym, an Experience for all


Kai Johnson, Reporter

“Pack the Gym” is an event for the Unified Basketball team that gets people from all over the community to come watch their one basketball game at Olympia High School. This event tries to bring in as many people as possible to watch their game and also raise money for the program. This year the Unified Team along with many others marketed the game as much as possible to get a lot of people their to make the game a really special night for the team. But not only is this a game with lots of fans, it does a lot for the students, teachers, parents and community as a whole.

This year’s pack the gym was the third year that the event has been held. This game has brought in a good amount of people the last 2 years filling up about half the gym, but that was nothing compared to this year’s game. This “Pack the Gym” brought in more fans than ever before to come and watch the big basketball game. The game had an outstanding turn out that topped all of them before this one. A senior at Olympia High School, Rasmhi Sunte, states “I was excited and happy to get to play in front of all my friends at the school.” Rasmhi, like many others, were very excited to get to play their game in front of so many people as the gym was full as it could get.

This one game is not just any basketball game though, it has a bigger impact than that. The Unified basketball coach and teacher at OHS Mr. Antonio says that “This event gives the community in this area a chance to see what our program is all about. It also gives a chance for people to get familiar with our players and even get to know them more after seeing them play, which many have already done. Not to mention it can help the players later in life when they might be looking for jobs out in the community and people have seen them and even gotten to know them.” This is the big impact that the program and the “Pack the Gym” event does for people. It helps the players and gets the community involved with the students.

“Pack the Gym” also has an impact on the students at Olympia High school. It can help them get more involved with not only the Unified program but also the individual lives of the special needs students. Reagan Matson, a Junior at Olympia states “My freshman and sophomore year I went to the pack the gym event and saw all the players. After that I started to see them around school and started saying hi and then talking to them more and more. Now I am in the S.O.P.E. class (a physical education class for special needs students) helping out and now playing in the pack the gym game.” This goes to show how this event can form relationships with the players and the other OHS students in the school. Many students have gone to the “Pack the Gym” night and seen the players which eventually lead into making relationships with them that means more than any basketball game.

This “Pack the Gym” event is a great basketball game with lots of people and fans coming to watch and support. But it is also way more than a basketball game. It allows for the community to see what the unified program is all about. It also let’s people in the community see the players and even form relationships with them whether that is now or later down the road. Overall it is a great event that is more than just a basketball game that is very important to not only people at Olympia High School, but the whole community as well.