Matchomatics, the Horrors of Love


Taylin Duran, Reporter

Matchomatics is a special matchmaker that is at Olympia High School that matches students that have similar likes and tastes together. It happens every year the week of Valentines Day to try and get students to meet others that are similar to them. This has been going on for over 10 years but for some reason this year it’s not happening. Why has the school decided to cancel it? Something like a matchmaker is an entertaining distraction from school life, but can it be harmful? Could something that seems so insignificant effect students in a painful way?

About February 11th students will be able to take the matchomatics poll to find someone that is similar to them. To do matchomatics pay $5 at the Matchomatics booth. Then fill out the survey, and after that turn it back in to the Matchomatics booth. The last thing is to wait till the surveys have been filtered to find out the results. Kristin Costello, a ,Leadership and English teacher, said, “we are not doing matchomatics this year”. It’s a surprise that the school had decided not to do matchomatics. All of the seniors this year have had the option to take it since their freshman year. Kayla Eyles, an OHS alumni class of 2015, said, “ I am shocked that they aren’t continuing the matchomatics. I took the poll all four of my years in high school”. The matchomatics was a good distraction from school for the students, and a great fundraiser for leadership so they can make some differences to make the school better. Josh Halpin a sophomore said “the poll was a lot of fun to fill out and it was hilarious to see what our results were”. Many students liked taking the matchomatics so why was it cancelled?

Is there any effects that the matchomatics has on students mentally? If there are then are they related to why it was discontinued? Malchi Blair, a sophomore, said, “I don’t think there are any bad effects from taking matchomatics. The main thing to take away from it is that it’s just trying to connect people”. Most students believe that a poll like the matchomatics doesn’t have a dangerous effect on students. Natasha Landram, a counselor, said, “ the matchomatics most likely won’t have any bad effects, but in rare cases it may make drama or controversy between students”. High school students can make drama out of anything. Getting a friend as your result could make them feel awkward or embarrassed. Or maybe friends got their friends crush so controversy starts. Things can start because of such a small poll like matchomatics.   

Should the school bring back the matchomatics or was it a deprivation to this school? It has it’s pros and cons but it could just be that it was too expensive for the school to continue. If they bring it back is there anything that ASB could do it make it better? If change is wanted then people need to speak up for what they want.