Climate Changer: Inslee for President


Levi Nausley

On March 1st, Governor Jay Inslee announced that he would run for presidency during the next elections. However, the only issue he has brought up since then is climate change, making it a key part of his presidential run. At this point in time, Governor Inslee hasn’t spoken about the growing homelessness problem plaguing the nation, at least not in his latest visit to Iowa on his first stop of his campaign trail.

 Since Inslee isn’t running the state at the moment, Lieutenant governor Cyrus Habib is sitting in the governor’s seat, the youngest presiding officer in the country, who the taxpayers have to pay for. Each day that Gov. Inslee isn’t in office, the taxpayers have to pay Cyrus Habib $291 dollars, which is the governor’s salary. They’re already living in one of the worst states when it comes to taxation?

  on the other hand, the pushing of his climate change agenda has helped out in Washington, creating rapidly growing clean energy jobs which will help out in the long run and will make a cleaner, greener Washington state, and in the long term, the U.S as a whole. Gov. Inslee couldn’t stress enough that climate change is an important issue that needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later, because we are already witnessing first hand the effects of global warming.

But what isn’t green is the thousands of homeless across Washington and the U.S that’s population is growing each year, dumping garbage under overpasses and in the woods, Which is seen in places like downtown Olympia. During a 2016 interview with King 5 News, Gov. Inslee said that they are planning to “generate living wages” by raising the minimum wage so that they could pay rent and by “increasing low income housing stock” but he said that we have to “work together to do it”. But he hasn’t said if he would implement his plans if he made it to office.

Another topic he needs to discuss in his 2020 run is the ongoing opioid epidemic which goes hand in hand with homelessness and has already killed thousands in the U.S alone. If Gov. Inslee makes it to office he might put together a plan similar to what he has done in Washington, where he will reduce the number of opioids given to patients, while providing education about the risk of adiction while taking them. On his official website, it is stated that “opioid response has been a top priority for Gov. Jay Inslee”.