Having a Ball: Olympia Soccer is Back!


Kai Johnson, Reporter

Olympia Bears soccer is embedded with tradition and history that they carry on every year. This spring marks the start of the Bears 2019 season as they are going into this year with high expectations looking to get the farthest they ever had in recent years. This years team has a lot of returning players and experience from previous years making this a season ripe for winning league and going to state.

In the 2018 season, the bears finished 4th in league with a 10-7-2 record on the year. The team finished in the middle of the pack in the regular season they finished losing to a good Glacier Peak team in their WIAA round of 16 game. A junior at Olympia Dawit Kiley says “Last season ended too soon, the team and I really wanted to go further and make a run at the championship. It just left a unsatisfied feeling in me that has built up until now”. The Bears may have gone out earlier than they wished last year, but this is a new season and they get to go out there and prove why they should be considered a top team around.

The Bears have very high expectations for themselves this year as they know they have the potential to be a really good team. Adam Bui, a junior at Olympia states “We have a really good team this year with a lot of good players. As long as we keep our team chemistry high and work together on the field as a whole we will be one of the best teams”. The players know the potential that the team has, they know that if they work together they can beat any team. The Bears are looking to become the leader of their league to put themselves in the best position possible for districts and the road to state.

Although the Bears soccer team is good this year and have great potential, by no means is the season going to be easy. The team has to put in a lot of hard work and time to get to where they need to be to reach their goals. Adam Rapazz, junior at Olympia says “Everyone knows how good we can be, but we won’t just be good by stepping on the field we need to work. We need to put the time and effort into practicing and becoming connected as a team. If we do that the sky’s the limit for us, then we can really reach our goals for the season”. This is the common theme for the OHS soccer program: the talent is there but they can’t just rely on that, the need to put in the work. Olympia is in a very good league for soccer with returning favorites of Puyallup, Sumner and Bellarmine. Varsity soccer coach Ty Johnson told his team that “we are good this year, we just got to go out and play team ball. If we play together there is no team that can beat us”. This concept of team soccer has been a big concept for the program that players understand is a big part of doing well this season.

Overall the Olympia Bears soccer program is looking good this season and have high goals to match the high expectations. The Bears are looking to get redemption for, what they felt, was a unsatisfying season last year. They have the potential to be one of the best teams as all the pieces are there for them. But the team knows that they have to continue to put in the work in practice to keep getting better so that they can get to the top of their league over other top notch soccer programs. This season is looking good for the team as they are ready to go into this year looking for a deep playoff run. Olympia soccer here, Go Bears!