What’s the End after Avengers: Endgame?


Joshua Reeson, Reporter

After the end of Avengers: Infinity War the fans and spectators were left with a massive cliff hanger. Many fans hope that Anthony and Joe Russo give them a satisfying end of the tyrannical god Thanos. In the latest Russo brothers film the Avengers meet an enemy who may actually beat them, Thanos. In the film Thanos who’s from the planet Titan where they suffer from overpopulation and struggle for food. He found the best way to prevent this is to wipe out half of the species so that there is plentiful food for who is left. By the end of the movie, half of the Earth is eradicated, even some of the Avengers are.

While Marvel isn’t the only hero universe out there it is by far the best for movies. Their rival being the DCEU (DC extended universe) and while their movies aren’t as high caliber, their comics are  where they shine. DC is home to the Justice League, which is just pretty much the DC’s Avengers. Mr. Zarate the viscom and yearbook teacher and runs leadership says that “right now the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is doing better in the movie category but when DC gets their stuff together they may one day be better than Marvel.” But while majority of the populace may favor the MCU there are some outstanders who like the DCEU, Freshman Kishon Rasmussen is one of those bold few. He states “I like DC more because they have a large Netflix variety, and they’re action packed.”

On top of having an amazing franchise, the MCU has done another awesome thing. Over the span of 20 movies, they’ve not only inserted many characters into our lives, they have also simultaneously eliminated some to almost all of the plot holes, which is quite impressive considering how big they really are. Mr. Zarate also stated that “Marvel does such an incredible job at backstories and adding character development. Like Cap (Captain America) who is my favorite Avenger, they did an outstanding job at portraying his backstory, how he came from nothing, a weak soldier in the army who was injected with the first super soldier serum, and since then everyone knew who he was.” So not only does Marvel do an amazing job with story, they also excel in character development.

The only thing left to ask is where do they go after Endgame. In Endgame either the Avengers are dying or the mad titan Thanos is, we don’t yet even have a clue as to what will happen. Some fans have come up with some weird theories as to what will happen but at this point in time almost all of them have turned into some sort of meme. Senior Andrew Seidel thinks that they will “Introduce some of the lesser or secondary characters like Captain Marvel or Adam Warlock and may have them form the “New Avengers” but we won’t know for sure until they release the new titles, movies and trailers.”

So guess we will all have to wait to see what happens to Thanos and the Avengers until April, 26, 2019.