Band Geeks: The Top Brass at OHS


Levi Nausely, Reporter

There are many bands that cover many genres of music, and OHS has its own community of them roaming the halls on a daily basis. Bands not only require instrumental skills, but they also need awareness for your band mates so you can keep up with the music to stay in tune sing in rhythm, and keep up with the beat.

Santino “Sonny” Cherneski a vocalist and bassist for the band Gentlemen said that the key to a good band are the drums and keyboard because they “keep up a good rhythm” which can make or break a good song. His plan for the future of the band is “record an album and see where it goes”. His band has yet to record a song, but with Ethan Plumber on the keyboard, James Ballernino on drums and cello, Shayne on the guitar and Sonny himself on bass guitar they have high hopes.

It takes a lot to be in a band, not everybody can be in one. A lot of highschool bands, or bands in general don’t make it to the big because of time, talent, or any of a million reasons. But they create a unique learning experience that you don’t usually get from other activities.

Most of the bands in this school, excluding the band class and orchestra, are mainly centered around rock and its many genres, And with those genres come fans. Fans are the backbone to bands, they keep there spirits high and give them a reason to make new albums and songs.