Specialized Education plans for special students


Fiona Murphy, Reporter

Creating a safe learning environment for students with disabilities or special needs is one of the most important things. There are many ways that people at Olympia High can create a warm learning environment for these students. There are specialized education plans. There are plans created between the parents and teachers to help these students receive a good education. And then there is the students at school that can lend a smile and a nice comment and help these students feel welcomed at school.

The first plan that is established by the school system is the 504 plan. The 504 plan is created to ensure that any student with any kind of disability recognized under the law and is enrolled in an elementary school receives accommodations that will ensure their academic success and access to a safe learning environment. The 504 and the IEP have some small differences between them. First of all, not all students who have disabilities require specialized instruction. Some can function without the specialized instruction plans. For students who do not require a specialized educator students who do require specialized instruction, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) helps create an Independent Education Plan for the students.

The other that the school system provides is the IEP. IEP stands for Independent Education Plan. The IEP has been a part of the education system for a long time because it was federally mandated.“Along with the IEP, Olympia high school provides specialized staff, an extensive tutoring program, and a team oriented, unified approach between the teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, and students.” says Mr. Whitmire, a counselor at Olympia High. However, administrative techniques are not the only things that can help these students at high school. “I think that that one of the things that we can do to help these students is integrate them into the classes and reach out to them. Of course, another thing we can do is be kind and supportive to these students.” commented Jini Namboothiri, a sophomore at Olympia High School. Having a kind and accepting environment is another one of the most important things for these students at Olympia High.

“Being kind, accepting, and talking to these kids would probably be one of the best ways to create a good environment for these kids at school.” said Ian Connolly, another sophomore at Olympia High. It is a combination of a kind environment, loving kids, and a strong administrative team working together that can really help these students feel welcomed and part of the school. The specialized education plans can help students with the academic issues they face at school, but only these student’s peers can create a safe learning environment for them.

There are all types of kids at the school with different issues that they face every day. Sometimes these issues can affect the level of education these students receive. Student and teachers can help these students, whether it’s by using a federally mandated system, including these students into the community, or just lending a hand or a friendly smile during the day.