Spring Time is here!-and gone…


Catherine McIntosh, Reporter

Fleeting moments from homework, teachers, and annoying classmates help us all keep our sanity. That time of year where there is no school, no homework (hopefully), no rain (hopefully), and no teachers in sight … (hopefully). With no rules, less supervision, and almost no responsibilities, there is a lot that can go down. Parties, drinking, and the beach; that’s what Hollywood tells us to expect from spring break. But how true can this be? And are these realistic standards to set on the one week off from school?

The answer for Sophomore Audrey Pelczar is a definite no. “I’m going to the orthopedic surgeon,” she says laughing when asked what fun things she has planned for the break. “I’m getting four wisdom teeth removed and getting incisions on my canines to pull those suckers down because I haven’t had my adult canine teeth grow in for four lovely years so I look like a hillbilly redneck lady running around with braces and two big gaps in my teeth because I don’t have canines, see?” she giggles as she pulls her face into a huge smile. “And then I’m going to be at home, recovering, looking like a potato.” Then she continues, “ideally I’d be at the old barn that I used to ride it because I haven’t been there in a while. Freshman Shayanne Hargesheimer seems to be taking spring break as a chance to devote herself to her studies and to her fitness as she states, “I plan on softball practice, I also plan on doing at least two hours of working out every day. I’ll most likely stay inside and study and then I’ll probably just end up chillaxing at home with my dad and see my mom on the weekends”. Unlike the others, Junior Jack Samson will be taking a trip away from Olympia. He says, “Well, I know for the first few days, we’re going to Long Beach Washington on the coast. It’s kind of a common family vacation destination for us”. When asked what his ideal spring break would look like, he responds with one of the most popular vacation destinations, saying, “I’d probably go on a vacation to Maui again. I’d stay at the condo complex my grandparents used to stay at because I really like the location. It’s right across the street from the water and near some good restaurants and stores,” he says smiling.

A one week break from school is nothing like summer break where we go a couple of months of just vacation and relaxation. But it is satisfactory enough for students to take a breather. So which is the most favored break? “Summer is my favorite break,” says Samson, “It’s the longest which provides the most extensive opportunities for non-school activities”. Pelczar agrees, saying, “Summer break is my favorite when there is no school. It’s the longest thing between school times”. Unlike these two, Hargesheimer likes winter break the most. “I like when we have the chilly days. I would have said summer break but this year since we had a lot of wrestling practice during winter break, it was a good stress reliever by getting out and being social,” she says.

There are only a couple more months of school left! Spring is the last break before school ends so make the most of it. Even if it may not be as cool as it is in the movies, just know, most of the other students’ spring break is going to be very similar. “Have fun during your spring break!” says Samson.