Technology, Coming to a school near you!


Kai Johnson, Reporter


Technology is always advancing as new and better tech comes out regularly to make life easier. But when it comes to school and technology in the classroom the advances seem to come slower as schools have always had relatively the same technology. Now technology in the classroom is becoming a normal thing and the advances keep coming faster and faster. These technological advances within the classrooms are here to help teachers and students have a better teaching and learning experience. But there are both pros and cons to the new technology being added to the school system and classrooms.

There have been many recent technological additions at Olympia High School. Students and teachers have recently made a change over to the online Schoology website to organize class and grades. Schoology has been a good online organizational tool for teachers and students, but there is also hardships that come along with it. Olympia High School teacher Mrs. Soderberg says “The transition to Schoology was hard at first, it was something new that I had to figure out how to use. I also had to remember to use it so I could make it a habit. After I got used to it was a great tool for the students and I to use, but when it comes to new technology it can be hard to use and get used to at first.” There are both good things and bad things to the new technology that Olympia and other schools are adding to the curriculum.

Now even textbooks are being replaced by online ones that are advertising being more engaging and applicable to the real world. These textbooks are available online to the students whenever they need to use them. And in the classroom, the students access them on individual computers that the class provides. Anna Beckenhauer, a junior at Olympia High School, states “The online textbooks are good for some students and not so good for others. I think they help a lot of kids get the concept better and understand what’s going on. But I personally do not like the online textbooks, I like the old traditional textbooks a lot more. Something about the textbook on the computer makes it harder for me.”

More technological advancements in the school system are in the process as well. According to multiple teachers, it is in the talks that next year at Olympia High School all the students are supposed to have their own personal Chromebooks to make it easier for students to participate in the online parts of their classes. This new addition that is possibly coming to Olympia in the near future would be a huge change for the students and teachers at the school. This could allow for almost everything to be online as far as homework, classwork, and studying. A junior at Olympia, Spencer Sborov says “I don’t have my own personal computer as of now, I always have to borrow my parent’s computers to do my online work. If I had my own personal Chromebook for high school I think that it would have helped me a lot in all my classes. I could do my online work whenever and wherever it would have caused a lot of less stress.” If everyone in the school got their own personal Chromebook it could help out a lot of kids, especially as everything is becoming more and more technologically based.

Schools are starting to become a lot more technologically based as more and more tech is being added to schools and classrooms all over the United States. There are both good and bad qualities to these new advancements, but better seems to be coming from it because schools keep on pushing for technological advancements in the classroom. Whether people like it or not it seems that technology in the classrooms and the school system is here to stay.