The Unsung Hero: Spreadsheet


Porter Kamerath, Reporter

You may have heard of the great and mighty heroes who wear capes and masks. While they make millions of dollars for people and may give depression to others, (Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good), they aren’t real. Then there are the true heroes of this day which we all honor. Such as those on the field fighting for the U.S. or the firefighters who risk their lives going into situations others would flee from, or perhaps policemen, risking their lives to keep the peace. All of them are true heroes, but yet there is one hero out there who is truly unsung. Who we truly forget about in today’s society. And that is the mighty spreadsheet.


When asked about a world that lacks this amazing, underappreciated tool, Skip Fabritius a career and technical education teacher at OHS, says quite plainly, “I don’t want to talk about it.” The yearbook teacher at OHS, Mark Zarate, takes it a step further and says, “If spreadsheets and tables did not exist it would be awful. Because you just would have randomness all over the place. They give us the grid of life, for all the things we need.” I’d like to emphasize that. They give us the grid of life, for all the things we need. This tool most of us are unaware of is what keeps the peace throughout our daily lives. It doesn’t do that through guns or badges but through the organization. It keeps things logical. It allows us to plan ahead, and understand numbers. They are so essential to our lives that Sophomore Jacob Shields says he “would invent them,” if they didn’t exist today.


But are spreadsheets really that important? Are they truly that essential? Are they truly the heroes of this modern day? According to Fabritius, “I use spreadsheets for anything the average person uses a document for. I will produce letters. I will produce graphs. mapping out future retirement. I will produce graphs showing student data for grades. I will produce notes in class. If I can steer clear of a document I will.” Spreadsheets do so much more than people believe they are. You can do so much then just make a graph (though that is quite the nifty tool to have). Zarate continues with, “The organization and being able to plot things out ahead of time. You can plan for  anything on there.” This tool is truly incredible. It is so useful and can do so much. It has the ability to plan out so many scenarios. It has the capability to do so much that a doc can do. It allows us to see data and understand what it means. It truly is the hero of our time. Without, this word would descend into chaos.


This is the world we live in today. A world that is constructed and planned on spreadsheets. And yet we overlook it. We do not see the significance behind it. Next time you use a spreadsheet, understand just how magnificent this amazing king of heroes is.