An Extra Cup of Depresso: Do Teachers Give up?


Carys Maynard, Reporter

By this point in the school year, it’s not a stretch to say that as students, we are all exhausted, mentally and emotionally. Days are longer, our tolerance for homework is shorter. This is what scientists (real life ones of course) call end of the year fatigue. But this cursed affliction affects not just students, but teachers as well. That is what some students speculate anyways.  Bea Assamane, a senior at OHS, responded that ““I guess it depends on what kind of classes you are looking at. For Ap classes obviously, we get done at after May we take the APs we’ve been preparing for that all year so they ease off a little bit but I don’t necessarily think that they give up, they still try to teach us, but they obviously what to give us a break since we’ve been going so hard for so long…”.  Ms. Gilman, an English teacher at OHS, admits “Well just like students, teachers get a little bit tired when it gets nice out.”  Mr. Baker, a science teacher seemed to agree “I would suggest that it is harder for teachers to keep up the energy at the end of the year.”.

When asked if she believes that the same thing happens to students, Gilman responded with a frank and incredulous “yes!”.  Baker gave a much more diplomatic answer “I think there are a lot of distractions at the end of the year…and students don’t always necessarily plan ahead and so it ends up making them work harder in shorter periods of time because they don’t spread it out…It’s not that students don’t work hard, it’s just that they set themselves up to have to cram things instead of spreading this out.” Jeremiah Smith, a freshman at OHS, felt very strongly that teachers “ they just don’t care about us anymore, they are ready to get off ya know, go home. Towards the end of the year, when people actually care about their grades…” When asked what he thinks shows that a teacher has “given up”, Smith responded “They are not helping kids in class, they just focus on people who already have good grades.”. Some students also mentioned that they felt that some teachers did not pace units very well, and end up “cramming” the rest of the unit at the end of the year.

Students were also unabashed in admitting that they all had given up on school at this point. Asamane admitted “personally have had senioritis since half way through the year…after Ap tests I was kinda like was just like ‘okay I’m like done, I’m a senior..let me just enjoy life, so yeah I think I personally did ease off a lot.” Smith also admitted to having a similar sentiment.

So it seems that teachers and students have more in common than we thought. We all catch ourselves staring out the window, dreaming of the summer breeze and whatever fun things we do to make us forget that we are wasting what precious time we have on this planet. Hopefully, this time we spend in class, as well as the time out of it, was not a waste.