Pretty Prom Promenade


Sola Williams, Reporter

Prom is one of the many things that some teens look forward to in their high school career. Most underclassmen can’t wait to become a Senior so they can go to prom and graduate. Many seniors have said now that they have had the experience of prom, the excitement has passed. Now for the Seniors, it’s time to focus on their future. The fun of high school is almost over for them now, but prom was probably one of the greater experiences of high school for them some of the teens.


Prom was exciting, there were so many moments where people seemed to be just lost in the music and their friends. Prom is something that is special for some people but boring or just fun for others. All the drama you see in the movies isn’t actually there. Everyone is for one night completely compatible with each other. There were kids who probably thought that they couldn’t dance that were able to put their fears aside for the night and enjoy the hours they had.


Prom isn’t for everyone though, many students think prom isn’t something that is worth their time. Some think that if you don’t have a date what is the point of going. You don’t need a date to go to prom you just need clothes on your back and a ticket, you could go with friends instead or go by yourself and socialize with other students. One question said, “do you think prom is going to be a good experience?” Bea asomaning a senior answered with this “Yes, because it’s pretty much hanging out with your friends, and that’s the part I really enjoy!”


A question asked, ” How did you get ready for prom and how long did it take?” A few people answered saying that they didn’t really put any effort into getting ready, the other majority said that they did put in a lot of effort to get ready because it’s their senior prom that only happens once. Once your prom comes around do you plan on going and having a good experience drama free?