Ready for the Real World: Post Graduation Life

Riley Saylor, Reporter

Graduation is rapidly approaching, and the seniors are more than ready to get out and start their new life as an adult, but what are some of these seniors career paths and plans for the future. Some seniors will be going into college and others will be joining the workforce, but one thing all of them will tell you, is they are ready to get out of high school.

David Bevans, senior, will be joining the workforce when he graduates, something a lot of people don’t necessarily want to do, “I have worked for for Dairy Queen, Construction, and I currently work at Washington Tractor selling parts to customers” this work is giving him experience, working hard, dealing with customers, and the food industry, at the age of 18, Bevans has set up a good foundation for the future pathways he will be taking in order to make the big bucks and hopefully get a job that he loves.

Gabe Berg, senior, says “i’m going to SPSCC, for two years so I can get my A.A.currently Berg works at Del Taco, off of Marvin Way, and he plans to stay there while he gets his A.A. Berg is unsure of what his living situation will be while at SPSCC but he says “I will probably go live with my boy Jude”. Berg decided he doesn’t want to go to a four year college for the same reason lots of people don’t want to “because im broke” and while he doesn’t want to get into the crippling debt of a four year university, he would still like to further his education, obtain his A.A. and get a good job, to support himself with.

Garrett Brower, Senior, will be attending Central Washington University, Brower responded to the question where do you currently work? With “Right now I work at the movie theater in the mall” Brower will be moving to Ellensburg in order to attend college. “I’m going to have to find a new job in order to support myself while in school”. A lot of people in Brower’s situation are going to have to get a job, considering college is really quite expensive, although it does pay for itself, Brower wants to get a job in the psychology field, which in time you can be making serious money, in the one hundred thousands.

These young adults and many more at Olympia High School, will be doing great things with their lives post graduation, and whether you’re going to a University, a Community College, or just going straight to work, the seniors this year are going places.