The World is on Fire: Climate Action


Kai Johnson, Reporter


Climate change has become one of the worlds biggest problems as people find out more and more about how the climate on earth is changing. Earth’s climate is currently rising due to many controversial factors. But everyone agrees that the world’s climate is changing, more specifically it is warming. This problem serves as a call to action for many people worldwide. Climate change is a problem for every single person in the world as it affects every living organism on earth.

The UN recently announced that world needs to drastically reduce CO2 emissions before 2030 to prevent the climate from warming 2 degrees celsius. Climate change can be easily ignored by many humans as it has yet to affect the human race. But as of now it it causing problems within the environment as well as other living organisms on earth. Climate change can be directly related to sea levels rising, oceans acidifying, destroying animals habitats and many more. Brent Haines, a junior at Olympia says “I have learned a lot more about climate change this year due to my environmental science class. And I’ve come to realize just how huge of a problem this is and how many more problems it will cause if we continue down this path. It’s time for action.”

Olympia high school students have started to take action and have created a “Climate Action Club” to stand up and fight climate change. Although the club is only a club at Olympia high school with not much influence on people worldwide, the club provides a great way to stand up for climate change and inform people locally. This club is a great start for students and community members to get involved to help make a change. A sophomore at Olympia, Sierra Edgerton says “The Climate Action Club is a great way to learn more about this issue and help make a change in the community. Although we are just a small club at a high school change has to start somewhere. So I encourage everyone to come to the club to help make a change on this issue.”


On May 24th, 2019, The Climate Action Club had a school walkout at 2:10 in the afternoon. Students would walkout to the front of the school 12 minutes before school got out. The walkout was 12 minutes before the end of school because it is estimated that we have to make a worldwide change to help the environment within 12 years. If this doesn’t happen it is estimated that we will have gone past the “tipping point” of making a change and it will most likely be too late. At the walkout a large number of students walked out of class and to the front of Olympia High School filling up about half of the roundabout’s field. Climate Action Club members took this time and spoke to all the people about climate change and how we can make a change. Thy used the walkout as an opportunity to educate people about the issue and tell everyone how they can start to make a change. Keagan Hiestand, a junior at OHS states “I attended the walkout because it is a great cause and I wanted to support the call for action. But when I got here I was surprised at how bad this problem really is and how quickly we have to act. After hearing the speeches given by my fellow classmates I become more knowledgeable about the issue and even more ready to make a change not only in my personal life, but trying to change the way others see the issue as well.”