How COVID-19 has Effected Sports


Deandre Parker, Journalist

Covid-19, the virus impacting the nation has taken its toll on Olympia High Schools’ fall sports and other schools within the Olympia School District.  However, just recently school sports have been allowed to practice and train with certain precautions.  Because of this, Covid-19 has had a large influence on how the student athletes of OHS are able to take part in their respective sports. 

Gymnastics practices at OHS have had shifts in operation due to Covid-19.  Julianne Glenn, a Junior at OHS who started gymnastics her freshman year of high school shared her thoughts on how the coaches are handling the new training situations by stating, “the coaches are doing their best to make sure practices are going as smoothly and carefully as possible. It is their responsibility to keep a safe but fun practice experience.”  With gymnastics practices often having athletes together and working together, Julianne Glenn exclaimed the more individual approach practice has by saying “There’s no touching, which impacts conditioning as a team and helping each other out. Prior, we were all able to bond as a group and not be separated. There was more to do as an individual and as a whole team.”  With all of this, practices seemed to have increased in difficulty.  “I personally think Covid made practices harder because we have to be careful what we’re doing and who we’re with.”  This being one of the many sports at OHS that has seen a change due to the global pandemic.  

Not all sports have had to alter their practices significantly with Covid-19 around.  Max Marchand, a Junior tennis player at OHS described the surprising little amount of change that the OHS tennis program had to endure. “During the summer our practices stayed the same as normal with only little changes such as, having to wear a mask as soon as our matches ended, and not being able to shake hands after each match.” “Coaches didn’t need to change a large amount of practice since tennis is a non contact sport.”  Max Marchand was particularly unfazed by any change in difficulty as well.  “The difficulty was the same as it would be prior to Covid-19”

Sports such as swimming have been reduced to just workouts rather than practices with Covid-19 looming over it.  Lucy Skiles, Junior at OHS expresses her opinion on how her coaches have handled the situation. “ My coaches are handling training fairly well, even thought we can’t actually swim (some pools are closed). We have had small workouts that we all socially distance and we wear masks during. They ensure that we stay safe during these times.”  Along with this, she explains the drastic difference between normal swim practices and just swim workouts. “ Practice prior to covid was very different because at this time we would be in the pool everyday for 2 hours. Now, we can’t access the  Evergreen pool. In the summer we did workouts outdoors in parks, like Burfoot and we were just beginning to do workouts at Oly twice a week, but they got cancelled.” 

Sports as a whole have been heavily influenced by the global pandemic to insure the safety of its athletes and spectators.  Only time will tell if these changes will subside and go back to the way life once was for Olympia High Schools student athletes.