Lucas Schaefer

Hey, my name is Lucas Schaefer and I’m a junior. I’m a huge fan of cartoons and film and I love the whole filmmaking process as well as writing short stories and screenplays. As happy as I am to be attending a class about writing for the high school, I’m really not a fan of the school itself, at least not always. I feel like Olympia High has a false persona, a shiny white happy school where there is little conflict and the definitive setting for the “best years of our lives”. This has always sounded suspicious to me, and I don’t know why, but I think it’s half the reason I signed up for this class. I want to get a closer look at this place, and see if the glorious image really holds up and if we really do attend a utopia of a public school. If it doesn’t, I want to let the students to know. If at all possible, I want to write something that‘s going to have people arguing with each other, students and maybe, if I’m lucky, teachers too.