Boys Swimming

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Boys Swimming

Porter Kamerath, Writer

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The water is rushing past your face, you’re constantly throwing one arm in front of the other, while kicking as hard as you can. Swimming is a hard competitive sport, where you’re giving it your all, and using every muscle in your body. But our Olympia Boys Swim team is one of the best around, and there looking forward to another great year.

“Same things you would see if you saw the olympics warm up, we try to get between four thousand and forty five hundred in each workout, so that’s a little bit between three to four miles, we then do some sprints, we some distance, we do some kicking, we do a lot of calisthenics, abb work, and those kinda things, that’s what a usually workout is like,” says head coach Mel Smith.

“With a lot of sports, especially team sports, you do a lot of standing around. When you’re swimming, your swimming, otherwise you drown. It’s just that kind of activity. Probably those that are closest to us is cross country, you’re running. If you’re wrestling, your wrestling. But if you’re playing baseball you may be at bat, you may be at the dug out,” continues Coach Smith. James Waltz, a senior captain for the swim team, says “with practicing six days a week for at least two hours, I believe we all develop a real bond with each other as we essentially go through h*** together.”

That sounds intense! Just trying to run three to four miles, can be a bit difficult. When you’re swimming, you’re not just using your legs, you’re using your arms, and your core to, and doing a workout like that for two hours is more then most can bear. Sitting in the dugout during baseball is probably sounding pretty good right now for those guys.

Practice may be hard, but the hard work pays off, and it shows. Last year we did really well, we brought with us eight seniors and a couple other juniors. Our team got eleventh out of thirty two! You also need to remember that these teams consist of the best swimmers in the state. That is really impressive, and if that’s what the rewards for working as hard as they do, it may be worth it.

A new season comes with lot’s of new things, like a new team or a new chance, but this year there’s something new, that usually isn’t new. “We are in a completely new league. We used to be in the narrows league, which included a lot of tacoma schools, and South Kitsap, but we’re now all up in the area near Puyallup and Rogers and Emerald Ridge, so quite a different league,” Coach Smith says. The new league is do to lack of schools in the old one. We were running out of people to play, so we switched. This new league also sounds more competitive and should give our swimmers a better challenge than the last one. So with a brand new league this year, the Olympia Boys Swim Team has a lot of work ahead of them, if they want to rise up again.

Even though the weight of past victories, the lack of seniors, and a brand new league to compete in may be bearing down on them, the team is still excited. Ben Kosa, a sophomore and first year swimmer for OHS, says, “I’m excited to find my swimming times, and find out if I’m a distance or sprinter, because I still haven’t figured that out yet, it’s a new experience swimming for high school. I have been swimming for a long time, and I aim to do my best this year.” Everyone is excited for another round, and a chance to do better than last year, they want to see where they are at as a swimmer and they want to improve. Coach Smith is also sounding really optimistic, “Yeah we’re going to do real well, it’s a brand new team. We got only five seniors out of the thirty one. We’re looking forward to a lot of nice performances.” He’s really excited to see all the new players to rise up, and learn how to play this amazing, competitive sport. In the past OHS has done well, and we plan to do the same this year.

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