Celebrating the Life of Rachel Vaughn

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Celebrating the Life of Rachel Vaughn

Thea Byrd

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A video and friends’ comments to honor the amazing daughter, friend, and student that we were lucky enough to know: Rachel Vaughn.



I’m sorry for all of you, but I’m happy for me.

– Rachel Vaughn

Comments from Rachel’s closest friends:

Rachel “Chachel” Vaughn was the greatest best friend I’ve ever had. When she entered a room, she filled it with love and joy. Rachel was a beaming light in my life, and I’m happy to say that I will carry that light in my heart forever. Even in the worst of times, Rachel was always positive. I remember when she told me she crashed her mom’s car minutes after getting her license, and all she could do was laugh about it. She found the humor in everything, and tried her hardest to keep everyone around her light hearted and joyful. Although Rachel wasn’t on this Earth for long, she made an impact on more people than most in this world ever will. I miss her like crazy, and the day we meet again will be a reunion of epic proportions.

– Stefanee Erdahl

 I am blessed to say that I had Rachel Vaughn in my life. She was one of my closest friends, and we made so many great memories together. She impacted so many people’s lives with her positive attitude and all-around joyfulness. She always had a smile on her face and could make anyone laugh. I don’t like to say she lost her fight with cancer, because she ended up in the most peaceful place imaginable, probably happier than ever and away from all suffering. It might be really hard for all of us because she will be greatly missed, but now she is resting in a great place.

– Gabrielle Braniff

 Rachel Vaughn has been an amazing friend to me throughout my life. One of the many things I loved about Rachel is her sense of humor. Whenever I got upset or worried, Rachel always had something funny to say to crack me up and make me forget about my worries. She really didn’t take life too seriously, which is probably why she always had a smile on her face. She was the kind of girl who could really inspire people to find the joy in things and leave an impact on everyone she met. Even the people who barely knew her were impacted by how warm and welcoming she was. Rachel was a wonderful girl who will never be forgotten.

– Nicole Ide

Rachel was one of the few people that everyone liked. I can’t think of one person who knew Rachel and wasn’t drawn to her bubbly personality. Now that she is gone, the things that stick out to me are the little things that she did to make everyone around her feel special and loved. Rachel always greeted her friends and family with a hug or more often a funny face that had to be returned. She made sure that you knew she noticed you and that you were important to her. Another thing that made Rachel stand out from the rest was that she was the same person with everyone. She had strong morals that she stuck to and in all situations she was her same crazy self. Even in her last few days, Rachel stayed strong and never feared what was to come. She had steadfast faith and was more worried about the people she was leaving behind. She loved all the people that surrounded her and was an astounding person that I will never forget.

– Noelle Widler

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