EASIEST Class at OHS: AP Calculus?

October 3, 2013

If AP Calculus is the easiest class at OHS, one should be scared to take English or History here!  For perspective, put this atrocious claim about AP Calculus on hold for a moment, and check out the HARDEST class. In an unofficial...

Life Without School

Abby Daniels-Brown

October 3, 2013

Want to take some time off from school, eat lunch downtown, hang around state powerbrokers, …and get paid?  Every year, a few OHS students do just that, leaving classes behind for a week, and "paging" in our state Senate o...

How Long Until Winter Break?

Sarah Blue, Editor In-Chief

October 3, 2013

Whether you strive to be alert and prepared each morning when that first bell rings or you cringe at the thought, everyone at Olympia High School must face the dreaded transition back into school life. In a few weeks, once...

Eat Spaghetti, Capitol High School!

Andrea Verschuyl, Editor in Chief

October 3, 2013

It’s victory for Olympia High School! On Spaghetti Bowl Friday the Olympia Bears slammed the Capitol Cougars with a hard earned win. “By 20 to 6,” asserted Senior Sara Eddy, who attended the game with friends, “We destro...

Bust in: Why You Should Dress Provocatively at School

Andrea Verschuyl, Writer

October 2, 2013

From the day students enter the school system there are certain boundaries that they are forced to obligingly respect. No you can’t punch a kid because he ate your lunch in 4th period, and no, you can’t wear a bra in place o...

Stag Swag

Grace Arnis, Staff Writer

October 2, 2013

Though Homecoming is still far away, the OHS twittersphere is alive with girls and guys stressing out the annual dance. The simple fact that most spend more time thinking about possible homecoming dates than I do homework is slightly...

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