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Did Epic Games ruin Fortnite?

Epic Games
Chapter 5’s recent release has divided a thriving community. Do the new modes make up for this game-changing update?

Recent changes to Fortnite leave players divided. After last season’s major success, the community is disappointed that this new update is such a letdown.

Chapter 5 brought a new movement and weapon system which left many players upset. Henry Triplet, a sophomore at Olympia High School, describes the new season as “unplayable” and “not fun” as the new mobility ruined the game. 

While the changes to the movement may not impact many new players, seasoned players will have to get used to and adapt to the changes. Triplet says, “The new guns are unfair, and with the changes to the movement, it’s almost impossible to survive a fight if you get shot first.”

Unlike casual play, competitive Fortnite has changed forever. A new healing system based on progressive healing completely alters the rhythm of combat. By making this change, end games are forced into heal-offs rather than a trial by combat. 

Along with the changes to the healing system, Epic introduced medallions. Medallions can be acquired by fighting one of the 5 bosses found around the map. Obtaining one of these totems will passively grant shields, which provides an advantage to the user by extending their health pool. 

Junior Parker Lund says ”Fortnite has influenced my life in many ways. It’s a great way to spend time with friends as well as a quick way to make some money through wagers and tournaments.” Despite his enjoyment of the game, these recent changes were too much. “The new season just doesn’t feel like Fortnite anymore. It’s sad to see how such a great game was ruined by a couple of changes,” Lund commented.

This new season may have alienated a lot of old fans, but not everyone. Liam Clarcke, a sophomore at OHS, says “I like the new changes because it’s something new. And after playing the same game for years, it’s nice to see big changes are being made.” Although Clarke loves the current state of battle royale, the new modes keep him engaged. 

Lego Fortnite provides an open-world, cooperative experience akin to Minecraft. A stark departure from the traditional battle royale mode. Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival followed suit. Fortnite is no longer just a battle royale, but a compilation of genres.

Overall, Epic Games faced lots of backlash for the sudden changes. Although it isn’t likely that Epic will revert these changes, players will soon adapt and bring skill caps to the next level.

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Sidd Rajendran, Journalist
Sidd Rajendran is a sophomore at OHS. He enjoys bike riding, reading, hanging out with friends, and sleeping.

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