Starbucks’ passionate pistachio menu


Victoria Liu

The Pistachio Cream Cold Brew, Pistachio Frappuccino, and Pistachio Latte sit pretty in Starbucks on a warm spring afternoon.

Three cherished drinks have made their annual comeback to Starbucks’ winter menu as of January 3rd, 2023. The Pistachio Cream Cold Brew, Pistachio Latte (hot and iced), and Pistachio Frappuccino are available until spring. Keep reading for a ranking of the drinks, from best to worst. 

Surprisingly, the best beverage in this collection is the Pistachio Frappuccino, made of a blend of pistachio sauce, coffee, and milk. The realistic pistachio-tasting dollop of whipped cream on top makes this drink stand out from its competitors. 

The next best is none other than the popular Pistachio Latte. The iced version tastes more refreshing than its hot, foamy counterpart whose sweet flavor quickly turns bitter. 

In last place is Starbucks’ most recent addition, the Pistachio Cream Cold Brew. While its bitter base is familiar amongst keen coffee consumers, the creamy, sweet foam on top only has a slightly nutty flavor, and there’s nothing particularly special about this coffee. 

It’s not to say the cold brew is horrible, though, or the frappuccino is the best thing in the world. The excellence of a drink really depends on a customer’s preferences and whether they prefer sipping something strong, sweet, or savory.