Choir Concert


Emma Hodge, Reporter

The Winter Choir Concert is something that is always a blast to go too, there is over two thousand people who go too it every year, so be ready too come and grab a seat before they’re all taken. At the concert there is always a great selection of music chosen by Dan Schwartz. The concert will be directed by Mr. Schwartz and it will be filled with jolly fun, and amazing holiday music directed by Dan Schwartz, and is sung beautifully by the choirs here at OHS. This time during the choir concert the talented band, and orchestra will be playing with the choirs. Dan Schwartz the choir director at OHS had explained that “There will be three winter choir concerts. The first one will be on December 11th, which is the non auditioned groups, or it’s also known as the women’s, and men’s ensembles. The other two choir concerts that will be performing are the auditioned groups or the Symphonic, and Concert choirs, and they will be performing on December 12th, and 14th with the Olympia High School band, and orchestra.

The Winter Holiday concert this year is kind of like a three in one. Instead of paying for all three concerts you get to hear the band, and orchestra accompany the choirs. That way you would only have to pay for two concerts instead of paying for all three. The concert is free for the families who are in choir, band, or orchestra who have the season pass. The pass will get you into any band, orchestra, or choir concert for free, but if you don’t have the season pass then the tickets for the concert are $6 for adults, and $4 for students. If you want an inexpensive fun thing to do over the holiday season then come support your friends here at Oly.

The making of the concert this year wasn’t as hard as it may have seemed. The concert was put together by Erik Curley, Dan Schwartz, and Joe Dyvig. “Every day in class we rehearse in our songs that we will be performing, and then during beartime on Friday we have a big group rehearsal with everyone. Then super early in the morning before school onTuesday we have zero hour rehearsal that starts at 6:45 in the morning, and we run through our songs in the PAC that morning. Then we have the concert later that day.” The way that the directors had chosen the songs this year was by “having a cycle of three different pieces we use, because there so few pieces that work at the high school level combining choir, band, and orchestra.” Says Joe Dyvig the orchestra director at OHS.

“Around the holiday season Christmas music is a chance for us to combine our talents with the gifted orchestra, and band. Performing with the band, and orchestra has a larger repertoire than just going too the band or the choir or the orchestra concert.” Says Schwartz. Christmas isn’t the only holiday in December so where’s the Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa songs? Mr. Schwartz had indicated that “We haven’t always been doing holiday music for the month of December. We usually only do Christmas songs in the month of December because it meets the needs of the choirs. Now I’m not saying that one religion is better than the other, they’re all special, and unique in their own ways. But what the choirs need are songs to challenge them, and Hanukkah songs don’t really do that. There made for younger audiences, even though we aren’t doing Hanukkah or Kwanzaa songs it’s still a great concert with great kids, and I know that not only am I excited for the concert but the kids are as well.”

 Not only is Mr. Schwartz excited for the concert but Rowan Dunn a sophomore in the concert choir had expressed that “I am very excited. I also really like the songs that were doing, because I like more contemporary songs, like the ones that we’re doing instead of the traditional classic Christmas songs.” Unlike Rowan another sophomore in the concert choir Makena Gilliss had expressed “ I like the traditional Christmas songs better than the ones that were doing right now.”Whether you’re the traditional Christmas person, or if you like newer christmas songs that you may not have heard of, you should come support your Oly Bears and come to the Winter Choir Concert.