The Winter Season

Winter always arrives slowly, creeping in.

The cold gust of wind numbing your face as you head to school, the trees lining the sidewalks becoming more and more barren as the weeks drag on. 

Halloween comes and goes, with your crumpled costume on the floor of your closet, forgotten immediately. 

Thanksgiving break is like a shining light on the horizon but dims too soon. A long, awkward family dinner is nice and somewhat comforting and nostalgic, with your aunts commenting on how tall you’ve grown, and your grandparents asking if you’re what, twelve now? 

Eventually, December comes, bringing paper snowflakes plastered to the school walls and big puffy jackets hung on everyone’s chairs. 

The last day of school before winter break is wonderous, with teachers having nothing to teach, and the students filled with nothing but excitement and anticipation. 

Some may say winter is too cold, or with too much ice or rain or snow, but winter will always be the most wonderous time of year.