Poem of the Week: Parking Lot Hours by Matthew Valentine

The Parking Lot Hours


Here together

An amicable alliance

The hushed hum of teenagers talking 

About something we shouldn’t


Stars shine, striking the dim sky

Breaking through the gloom like the spit of a martyr

Dappling the faded parking spaces with their effulgence


Us underneath, terrestrials mirroring celestials 

Our laughter dazzles, striking through the stagnant air

Breaking through the quiet like a symphony of joy

Dappling the late night with our common camaraderie


Lulls will set in.

The cold air wrapping around our vocal chords until they crystallize, and yet

We’ll strike up again

Warmed only by the passion of human connection


In a moment, we’ll depart in different cars

Going different directions

To different places

But for now, we’re here

Here together.