Poem of the week: From Ear to Ear

From Ear to Ear by Ashlin Veltri

Crunchy grass below my feet 

Yellow and scorched from the summer heat. 

The silent sound of my favorite song 

A flowing connection 

From ear to ear I can hear everything 

And nothing Empty dancing 

My feet touching the ground 

Beat to beat 

A flowing connection 

Traveling through the wind, 

The trees are dancing with me. 

I can be myself with you. 


Without you the trees just move with the wind 

The connection is lost. 

I see everyone’s eyes 

And I hear their stares. 

The flowing connection breaks 

And I become present. 


And to you, I give this ode. 

A reminder that without you my mind is never at peace 

You give me quiet freedom.