Poem of the week: Para Nuestros Muertos

November 1 and 2

The days we remember

The days we laugh the most

The days we cry in a bittersweet way

The days of the dead

Los Días de los Muertos 



On these days we tell anecdotes 

On these days we reminisce about the past 

On these days we dress in a colorful day

On these days our loved ones come back to us

En el Día de Muertos



Today we create ofrendas

Today we bring golden bouquets of Cempazúchitl

Today we bring their favorite foods

Today we bring little moments in time

Today we bring photographs and memories

Today we can feel them among us

Hoy es el Día de Muertos



To the ones who had a tragic death

To the children who became little angels

To the grandparents we wish were still with us today 

To the people who will never be forgotten 

To the people who lost their loved ones 

To the people who are still grieving 

To el Día de los Muertos



-Samantha Jiménez