Poem of the week: Tarzan’s Monologue

Cassini Love, Poet


i am a frog

simple and neat

i am the most glorious frog

you will e’er meet


i live in a palace made of glass

i am a king

because they bestow on me


and a royal pond in which to lurk

i show off to everyone in that cage outside

through my super strength

i cling to the glass and show them all

the underbelly of the frog king

with cool frog feet

look at me

look at me

i am a frog for all to see


the poor people that

come and go from the cage outside

they are sad fools but they give good food

because they think they are free

yet they always come back

i never have to leave my front stoop

(of the palace of course)


i am a celebrity

the highlight of their day

(not the other frog, he is not as cool as I am)

they stop and smile and say

“a frog! how lovely”

even when the light behind their eyes

is dim

they photograph me

i must be all over the headlines


i am a frog, after all