Poem of the week: dear melancholia

Aleena Alam, Poet

dear melancholia,

your truth does not belong

in my cloying cosmos of lies

i will lock you away forever

and watch as your heart dies


dear melancholia,

you stole me away from the stars

and drowned me in midnight rain

now i implore to the skies above

that you never break your chains


dear melancholia,

i left you bloodied and shackled

but you continue this mental war

when the final star goes supernova

i vow not to fight anymore


dear melancholia,

at night i trace fallen constellations

the stars never broke my trust

i spark a fire and scorch you alive

flecks of white ash fall like stardust


dear melancholia,

i know you never meant any harm

i know no one ever understood you

but dear, sweet melancholia,

your dying embers will flicker blue.