Open hearts at Open Mic


Miles Yost

Raymond Yepes won the crowd over with just two weeks of ukulele experience.

Open Mic is a must see after-school event. Open to all students to share whatever they desire. The last Open Mic featured music, standup, poetry, a philosopher’s take on philosophy itself, and more.

An original song by Sam Odell written so good, it doesn’t need a name. (Miles Yost)

Olympia High School’s Nick Zimmerman hosts the event occasionally on Wednesdays after school in the library. Typically announcements are aired for the week building up to the event as well as a pop up in schoology to bolster attendance. However, there was an Open Mic the first Wednesday back from break without announcements, and the turnout was still impeccable. The hype is well founded, as students at OHS have talents only seen at Open Mic.

Zimmerman may host Open Mic, but the performers carry the show away. Heart provoking poetry, songs so good they don’t need names, relatable standup, stories and hot takes, and so much more. Veterans and new recruits alike are encouraged to perform. With a welcoming crowd, and fantastic performances, Open Mic builds a strong community in just an hour after school.

Will Livingston shows an audience that the most advanced take is the one that takes a step back. (Miles Yost)

Some students are even invited to clubs or to participate again. Jaysen Rodriguez’s “My Mission”, a comedic poem written “in the car with my friend this morning” (Rodriguez) got him invited to poetry club. Other students presented more than once, with and without teammates. Showing off is encouraged and rewarded at Open Mic, it’s a place of opportunities and outlets.

Whether it be as an audience member or a performer, Open Mic is one of the best ways to spend an hour at OHS. On January 18th: raw talent and creativity will be on full display once again as well as the community’s warmth and welcomeness. It’s a sight to behold, the open hearts of Open Mic.