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Polarized opinions about returning OHS DJ

Cameron Bluhm
Homecoming Party goers enjoy a night of revelry as the new school year comes in and the same DJ comes back.

DJs are controversial performers. Although high schools almost always use DJs for school dances, students have a variety of opinions. On September 23rd, DJ Sound Dragon completed his fourth gig at OHS. His Homecoming performance left attendees divided.

Cameron Bluhm, who performs by the name of DJ Sound Dragon, disk jockeyed Homecoming this year. Many students who attended Homecoming shared the sentiment that the DJ was better than last year’s DJ, possibly because this year’s performance had an increased number of DJs in the DJ booth and improved songs. It wasn’t a different DJ, though. This was DJ Sound Dragon’s second Homecoming at OHS. 

Students’ opinions commonly sway negatively, but Lily Waite thought that  “the DJ was fire!” Her enthusiastic support for the DJ shows that there were individuals who genuinely enjoyed him. Many other students were indifferent. “I mean, it was fine. Everybody was hating, but I didn’t even think it was that bad,” said Rogue Everson.

On the other hand, Josie Balsley was among the many students who were enthusiastic in their criticism of the DJ. Balsley heard the DJ “a little too much,” and thought he was “kinda bad,” joining the ranks of the students that were dissatisfied with the DJs music, effects, and overall performance. 

Despite facing numerous points of criticism, DJ Sound Dragon remained happy with his crew’s performance. They appreciated the fact that “No one threw anything at us and no one flipped us off, so that’s good.” Compared to past experiences, “Olympia High School is our favorite school.” His insight offers a different perspective, showing the resilience and positivity of DJ Sound Dragon and his colleague despite mixed student opinions.

ASB students had a group designated to search for local DJs. They decide who to hire based off of cost and their reviews. DJ Sound Dragon seems to be a trusted pick for ASB due to his history at OHS’ Prom, TOLO, Winter Formal, last year’s Homecoming, and now this year’s Homecoming. 

This year ASB has received positive and negative feedback from the student body. From the responses, they can get a feel for what students did and did not enjoy. “I feel like he did a good job. Obviously it’s hard to DJ for a room full of 1100 high school kids and have them all be happy,” explained ASB president, Cameron Costello. 

Though students’ opinions on the Homecoming DJ vary greatly, ASB works hard to find a DJ they think will meet their standards and the standards of the whole student body. Hopefully next year more students will be satisfied with the performance of the Homecoming DJ.

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Artemis Bella-Rogol
Artemis Bella-Rogol, Journalist
Artemis Bella-Rogol is a freshman at OHS. She enjoys playing soccer, doing art, and spending time with friends.

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    RitaOct 24, 2023 at 5:21 pm

    Nice reporting-sharing a range of opinions. I especially liked that I have no idea of your personal opinion about the topic. Well done!