As the cookie Crumblz


Addie Templeton

Crumbl Cookies celebrates the opening of their Lacey location at Galaxy Drive on Tuesday, September 15.

Lacey has a sweet new business in town called Crumbl Cookies. Crumbl opened its doors on September 15th, and customers can drive through or walk in and watch the magic happen.

Each week, Crumbl Cookies comes out with 6 different flavor varieties connected through a theme. When the minions movie came out, Crumbl made 5 assorted cookies related to the minion theme. Dirt cake, minion confetti, mooncake, yellow sugar, and banana cream pie were the Lacey location’s first batch of weekly themed cookies.

Page Bos, an employee at Lacey’s Crumbl, has been working there since the grand opening. Bos describes the working environment as “crazy busy all the time, but so much fun.”

Inside the building, the decorations are brightly colored and eye-catching. Customers mingle together, adding to this electric environment. Henry Maldohen, another employee, stated in an interview that “Working at Crumbl is fast-paced, and the people and the energy are always upbeat.” Crumbl’s popularity causes them to roll out almost 2,000 cookies a day.

Jackie Brendige, a customer at Crumbl, describes how often she visits the store.“I wouldn’t say once a week, but maybe once a month.” While Brendige didn’t seem bothered about missing weekly cookie rotations, Gracie, another Crumbl customer, thought that keeping up with Crumbl’s schedule was difficult. “I think that it is a great concept, however for people who don’t get an opportunity to make it in every week, they’re kind of missing out.”

Crumbl Cookie’s new location has been busy daily, catering to a variety of customers. This popular store is an exciting new addition to the Olympia area.